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Posted by Bruce on September 11, 2011
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Aw Old Hollywood!  I just love it!  I have always been such a big fan of the old black and whites.  There is something so romantic and classic about a movie produced in the 30′s and 40′s.  Even the movies from the fifties still held the look of classic Hollywood grandeur.

So when I met this outstanding jewellery designer that represents that moment in time and history I almost passed out.  While admiring and fantasizing, my eyes paned over his jewels.  So big, so bold, so beautiful!  If I were a woman, I would surely have them lay across my neck like beacons of glamour and sophistication. Alan Anderson is a helpless romantic, just like me!  His collection of vintage costume jewellry is sublime.  I was one of the lucky ones that took in his trunk show at the glamorous Holt Renfrew on Saturday and by the looks of it, Alan is about to have the season of a lifetime.  The press was all around and the fans were too as he quietly spoke to on lookers and clients during this recent trunk.  You may have caught his latest collection this weekend in several Toronto papers that were so enthusiastic to present him to the city.  It was a one day only event and he, along with his assistant Mary (famous in her own right for her impeccable and flawless taste), romanced onlookers and buyers with this perfect collection.
It is inspired by the Hollywood glam of the 30′s and 40′s but well represents the need for luxury in a world so overwhelmed by political cloud.  A return to the elegance and craftsmanship of a time when quality, not quantity, ran the business of fashion and glamour.  When Garbo, Horne, Taylor, Kelly, and Shearer graced the silver screen!!!! A time when we were not afraid to dress up for every occasion; like our short time here really meant something.  Made by hand! Yes, that’s right, made by hand these pieces of work were intended for the purpose of “pure joy”
Pour some sugar on me but I do believe Alan Anderson is the jewelry designer to watch out for. With the imagination of a true artisan he is changing the face of fashion one jewelry piece at a time!  The opening price point is around $195 for his bangles and there is something there for every woman.  Whether you enjoy sporting a pair of fabulous ear rings with your high heals or if you prefer an emerald necklace with that black dress, this is the collection to invest in! It’s brilliant! It’s sophisticated! It’s fun and it’s Canadian!

Alan Anderson

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