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Posted by Bruce on November 02, 2014
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As promised here is my one on one with Alexandra Moore-Gibson of Honey & Glow.  She was part of a wonderful event that was held at the Royal York Toronto!  I was so impressed I just had to know more!  B.I.T.C
“Hey Alexandra, amazing to get to chat with you today.  Please tell me about your amazing company!”  B.I.T.C
“Honey & Glow is an all natural, hand-made skin care company I began in Hamilton, Ontario.  I use 100% all natural, raw ingredients that are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or locally sourced within the Greater Toronto Area.”  Alexandra
“That’s amazing!  It’s good enough to eat!  You seem very passionate about your local roots contribution!”  B.I.T.C
“Yes, sourcing locally and fairly is very important to Honey & Glow, as it allows us to create sustainable products that everyone can feel good about.” Alexandra
“I have to admit, I have become much more locally conscience over the past few years as I have some very good friends of mine who farm organically and sell at local markets. I just love knowing I am helping a local business and more than that “People”. B.I.T.C
“So when did this amazing dream begin?” B.I.T.C10725167_596573410442906_1811725416_n
“Honey & Glow was officially born in July, 2014, but has been in the making for many years.  I have been making my own all natural products for years. After having worked for a big name skin care company as a teenager, I came to realize that consumers (including myself) were being sucked into buying products that were advertised as “natural” but were, in reality, full of chemicals that could have seriously harmful affects in the years to come.” Alexandra
“Oh tell me who???  Who is the culprit?  I just love a little chemical gossip among friends!” B.I.T.C
“LOL!” Alexandra
“Honey & Glow’s aim is to provide quality, all natural products to the everyday consumer; not gossip, Mr. Bruce in the City (Grin).  All of our products have the ingredients clearly labeled, and all ingredients are 100% legible! No weird words that no one can pronounce.” Alexandra10724716_805108622885909_959239752_n
“Like “G-h-o-t-i”.  I have no idea how to say that!!” B.I.T.C
“Just true, wholesome, raw ingredients that are good for the skin and for the soul!” “LOL” Alexandra.
“This has been such a great time and it has been so wonderful to have met you. Where can my readers find out more about your amazing company?”
“Thanks so much.  You can find out more about Honey & Glow at or follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook” Alexandra
“Let’s have some wine soon!” B.I.T.C
“Sounds wonderful.  Thank you so much for the fun chat and I love your blog!” Alexandra


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