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Posted by Admin1 on May 11, 2015
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I just can’t get enough when it comes to a play on words.  It’s so wordy and wonderful!  I just love that commercial for “Booking Dot Com”.  Booking this and Booking that!  It’s very effective when you want to tell your partner off!  Why don’t you just “Book Off” or “Go Book Yourself”.  My favourite is, “If you don’t stop doing that I am going to smack you with this book!”  Oh no, wait, that didn’t work!
I couldn’t resist this week when I knew I was writing about the newest hottest Funk ensemble to get my play on words in motion. “Funk!!!!” I have always been a closet case funk lover.  Whenever I hear it I just want to get up and boogie in every direction possible.funk10
I was in bliss then when I heard there was a new Funk Band out of Peterborough that was going to get us all funked up!  There it was… Oh I just love a good play on words!  Take a moment to make up a few of your own.  I’ll get you started.  “Let’s Funk!”
I slipped out of Toronto last Sunday to hear a group called “Super Funk Band of Awesome”.  Now for all intents and purposes that is quite a title to give yourself isn’t it?  Because the question then would be “What happens if you suck?”  Then you could go down very quickly with the funkin ship! Oh, I did it again! clap clap clap!funk8
Outstandingly this debut performance kicked it out of the funkin park…. ok, ok I’ll stop!  But no it was amazing and I’m going to tell you why.
First where on the local planet can you find a 12 piece (respectively) ensemble that is playing classic funk and funk fusion with pop influence?  Oh, nowhere!  You can’t turn on your radio without being slapped with all the mediocrity that is radio friendly music these days.
The house lights lowered and the drummer of the group welcomed everyone to the show.  He quickly shared a very cool history on how all these musicians met.  It was no mistake that these forces of music were brought together on a very special cosmic bond.funk7
Most of them have known each other since high school and in losing two of their mentors over the past year “Herb Knox” & “Brent Eikhard” who were very accomplished musicians locally and Canada wide. Through the fire came the phoenix “The Super Funk Band of Awesome” into the cosmos.
There was something very moving by these few short words from the unspoken leader of this pack that had brought the house down before they played a single note.funk4
And then it happened!!!  Click click click of the drumsticks!!!  The horns kicked in, the base drove the groove.  Sax, silky and sexy!  A vocalist with a styled vocal distinct and edgy. (David Cann)
They played original arrangements from Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars and had a guest vocalist (Avery Cantello) which was very enjoyable.  Maybe I can slink my way into a guest vocal spot sometime??  That would be sweet!
Some of the highlights for me were when Lori Martin sang Sade…. Smooth Operator.  A vocalist in her own right Lori has been performing for 20 plus years and has won numerous awards.
funk11Ron Christopher on drums was the driving force behind  what is a revolution of a new funk craze.  It’s time we stop letting the music conglomerate tell us what we want to hear.
I’ll be following these guys closely and expect a recording over the next year or so!!!
Get Up On It!!!

maxresdefaultknoxThis blog is dedicated to the late Brent Eikhard & Herb Knox







Super Funk Band of Awesome

Ron Christopher: drums John Lang: piano Chad Parsons: bass guitar Julian Christopher: guitar Doug Sutherland:lead trumpet Derek Woodward: trumpet Ray Makowski: trombone/flute Kathi Makowski: baritone sax Eliezer Lachy Najarro Baro alto sax/auxiliary percussion Lori Martin: tenor sax/vocals DC (otherwise known as David Cann): lead vocals David Roy auxiliary percussion All band members do back up vocals, and assist in adding funky beats using various auxiliary percussion instruments as is needed.

5 funky kisses out of 5

Overall this performance was perfectly over the top and it was just what the Peterborough Music Festival needed! Believe me I was there!


Sin City

4 kisses out of 4


Edited By Mary Ellen Monk


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