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Posted by Bruce on August 19, 2013
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998572_10151862809783688_1507420433_nThe weather in Toronto has been pretty fabulous this past week. Nice and sunny with a touch of coolness in the evening so I can sleep.  I am Canadian through and through and I’m not a big fan of those super hot days. Unless of course I can sit by the pool.  This week I have had no time for that.  I have been enjoying my latest “In the City” book club choice.

I decided to take a stroll through Yorkville the other day and take some time to enjoy that book.  I was also hoping that generation rich would rub off on me.  It wasn’t likely to but they do have the best shade trees. I took a cute spot just near  the big rock and began reading my latest blurb on self awareness.

Well groomed people passed by.  Quickly even, with no time for reading.  Large black cords snaked around my feet but not touching me.  People moved back and forth, orchestrated almost. Yes, actually very orchestrated.  Some people were standing around looking busy.  I was enjoying my book.  I was enjoying my Tim’s coffee and felt a wonderful calm. Wow, I need to lay off the blue vitamins.

There was a couple chatting with empty coffee cups. There was a few large Hollywood looking cameras and some of those big boom lights. Hmm, what was going on?  I did wonder but kept to myself and my coffee.

I heard “Cut, back to first positions.” Wow they were filming a movie or T.V series.  Of course they were. I mean they weren’t launching the first Russian Homo tracker! Then I noticed, I assumed, the director chatting with another woman and I overheard. Well I was eves dropping actually.  “What about him?” They kinda gestured in my direction.  “He’s fine.” The director said.  “Can you stay there and continue reading? He asked me. Oh my I had sat myself down in the middle of a film shoot and had become an extra!! LOL, I love it! Of course I said no problem and tilted my head to the right to catch just the right light.

After a moment they continued and everything repeated itself. So “Groundhog Day” I was just steps away from the main characters who were acting like they cared about what each other was saying and sipping empty cups of coffee.  The lights were bright and I was in a movie!!!! I love this city!! The movie is called “Covert Affairs.”  I will be the cute guy reading a self help book and sipping  a Tim Horton’s coffee! Unless of course I end up on the Hollywood cutting floor!

Even more fabulous, almost simultaneously across the city, my buddy Rob was  being filmed by the CBC featuring local farmers who are changing the face of the corporate grocery store. With the announcement of many Metro’s closing around the city.  Way to go Rob! Fiddle Head Farms is so urban chic!!

Have a great week guys!! I love all my readers and sorry for my tardiness.  I’ve been getting prepared for my next close up!!


note: Some names have been changed to respect privacy BWC Management


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