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Posted by Admin1 on November 27, 2013
Local Talent

It feels so good to be back on line! My blog was feeling under the weather this past weekend so it was out of service.  I think this past Sunday was the first Sunday I wasn’t able to write my blog.  I felt so under exposed.  I have become so accustomed to letting it all hang out and I’m so glad you popped back in for my weekly pop out.

Ok, so I just know you are like “What did the infamous “Bruce in the City” do this past week?” No I never found a fabulous new wine.  Nope I never graced some fabulous pub on the east side.  And, no I never took all my cloths off and sang “O Canada” in Moss park. Well, that I did but it was late and I think the park inhabitants enjoyed the view and the rendition of that old classic.  Earlier I think someone dropped some joy into my drink at the bar and bam there I was stretching out my ham strings for the boys in the park. Oh come on you know that never happened! I Just wanna keep you on your toes!

I did however receive an invite to attend a performance this past week at Ryerson University.  Anya Pelot a 3rd year student with the Ryerson Theater School Dance Program asked if I would like to check it out. I do love a good invite!  I met Anya back this past Summer. I decided to take a part time job at a dinner theater.  That lasted for about 30 seconds but I met some really excellent people there.

It’s amazing the talented people who work at dinner theaters and pubs in this “Ford” pillaged city.  This particular dinner theater is just South of Eglington on Yonge, in Toronto of course.  I’m hoping to take in a show soon and give it one of my little reviews!

Anyway. Anya and the entire ensemble really blew me away.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect but knowing what I knew of Anya I had a feeling she would be sensational.  She has that something. Magic. She is actually one part of a little power couple in Toronto.  Don’t believe me, look her other half up! This little Toronto couple is going to continue being the talk of the town so keep checking the twitter feeds, You Tube and everything else because I am always right about talent. Always.

The piece Anya was in was called Arteria Mantis (aka trachea mantis) It was a fabulous abstract contemporary dance that was created around breath while exploring sexuality in an animalistic sense.  Now that was a mouth full! It was sexy and sensual. It was also a little disturbing!

It was choreographed by Louis Laberge-Cote.  With costumes by John Goncalves and Diana Pfeffer.  Outstanding and exhilarating.

It took 12 women and 4  men to express this power struggle between the male and female.  The great lady Mantis devours her partner as she claims her sexual right for dominance.  Outstanding! I’m sitting there and I’m thinking “This is crazy. This is disturbing and thrilling!” I just loved it and Anya shone in her supporting role. I’m telling you these dancers have gotta really stretch it out to perform those moves! As a former dancer of sorts myself I just watched in amazement as they pushed their bodies to new limits.  God, I miss dancing!

It was very exciting for me to attend this performance on another  personal level because as a child I was always mesmerized by the Preying Mantis.  I studied their behaviours as a child and  actually collected them alive and was able to raise them from young to adult. I would let them go of course after! I have know idea how I knew how to do this but was always successful with this kind of thing. I guess I could have been an Entomologist. And that’s just a little something you didn’t know about me.

Thank you Anya!



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