Posted by Admin1 on March 20, 2016
Check it Out!, Coffee Shops

I’m not sure I mentioned it but I have decided to make some changes to my diet.  I know right?  Not again!  This however is slightly different because I’m starting small.
You know how much I love my coffee!  Well I did some math and decided that my sugar intake was way out of control.  Think about it.  I was a double double kind of boy and that means eight teaspoons of sugar daily.
I usually do two coffees a day along with two teas.  That’s a lot of added sugar, and let’s face it, I’m sweet enough!  As of Feb 10th I gave up pop as well.  I have slipped a few times but in general the pop is gone.
Now I can say after two successful weeks the added sugar in my tea and coffee are history.  Of course I had to cut out the cream too otherwise I feel like I’m just cheating on myself and who needs that?
Here is the thing; once you cut out these coffee fillers you quickly discover the coffee houses that make crap coffee!  I hate to tell you but some of those major, so called coffee houses, or “Sip Easies”, actually really suck!  Their coffee sucks hard!
I realized that by taking out the crap, your taste buds speak loud and clear and say “Hey, this coffee tastes burnt!” or “Hey, this coffee tastes like mushrooms glazed in poop broth!” or “Hey, this coffee is nothing but a cheap imitation for what beautifully harvested beans are supposed to taste like.”  Are you getting my message loud and clear?
I’m not saying don’t add these things, but why not add it to quality coffee if you must.  Isn’t life too short for shit coffee?

I have found my new coffee house, “Aroma Espresso Bar”!  Their coffee is really fabulous.  Nice big flavor and I find the staff really helpful.  Although I do admit there is never enough staff so you do have to wait a bit sometimes to get served.  But quality versus speed!  I’m not looking to zoom through when I visit them.  If you want that kind of scene you can always go to the place with the clown for that free coffee that always upsets my stomach.
Check it out next time you want a good cup of Joe!  There are plenty around the city so enjoy!

Aroma Espresso


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Note from Mary Ellen: Would it shock you to know that I have NEVER had a cup of coffee?  Not once in my entire almost 40 years!  I love my tea and I love the smell of coffee but I physically cannot swallow it.  I don’t like mocha ice cream or a coffee crisp chocolate bar… none of it.  I just simply cannot swallow the flavour of coffee.


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