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Posted by Bruce on December 03, 2017
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Hi Brucesters!

For the past few years I’ve done a top 5 Canadians list at my blog’s year end! This year I’m posting it a bit early because I’m just too excited to wait any longer! So people here we go!  I’m happy to announce that there are three from “The 6” in my top 5 this year!
#5 The number five spot belongs to Michelle Duberry. Hands down the most influential female impersonator and drag queen in Toronto’s iconic Gay Village as well as Canada. Her story has been featured on many news media spots and her contribution to Toronto is that of a true social changing icon. I personally adore her and wish Michelle nothing but health, happiness, and riches!
#4 In the fourth spot I am pleased to announce another
Torontonian! Jimmy Georgoulis.You may not have heard of this fellow but his support in the gay

community is note worthy. The owner of The Lodge, The Drink, and with his influence on many other iconic watering spots along the Church Street strip Jimmy has encouraged the importance of supporting gay owned and operated establishments. He has supported many important social awareness initiatives and an unintentional advocate of body proud! Larger set, gay males (Bears,Cubs etc) face many of the same body shaming behaviours within the gay community that larger woman face in both straight and gay communities and Jimmy has been a champion within the Bear social groups! We are sexy too!


#3 This fellow I’m certain by now has become a household name! Eric McCormick! If I’m not mistaken from Scarborough. See good stuff can come out of there.

he has been in my top 5 in the past and I’m glad to have him back on my list. He has been an advocate for Gay Rights and for a straight man he is definitely super fabulous. I was his customer service ambassador once while I was at Holt Renfrew and he was a really down to earth dude. I love that he has also helped champion the Gilda Radner charity. I attended the Gilda Radner charity fundraiser and he along with many other artist entertained and educated us all on the importance of cancer research. I’m a huge fan of course of Will & Grace which made its triumphant comeback this year and Eric once again, along with the whole cast, are killing it!


#2 This man just makes me laugh. Pure and simple. A Canadian icon in his own right Rick Mercer is my number two choice for top Canadian this year! I think he may have made my list in the past so welcome back. With the announcement that Rick will be retiring The Rick Mercer show it’s so important to take the time to recall what it was that he did for Canada! He reminded us everyday the importance of togetherness, awareness and the concept that in the craziness of ever growing communities we are one village. He has been vocal in his political ideas and has engaged the everyday person before it was in vogue. He is a shy and private man at his roots, remaining ever humble and approachable. Rick has shed light on indigenous culture to the importance of our fishing industry. If you want to know more about our wonderful country you can hit up Youtube for previous episodes and of course watch the current episodes on CBC! Simply put, Rick Rocks!

#1 Gord Downie

He gets my number one spot for a second year. With the passing of Mr. Downie I can’t help but recall all the incredible albums of music, all so riveting. I was strolling a local

Roots shop the other day and The Hip was playing in the stereo overhead. That incredible voice and those unmistakable lyrics. It’s impossible to describe an artist like Gord Downie. There are only a handful of artists that have changed the face of Canadian consciousness like Mr. Downie has. Look at his latest work, just as an example of what makes him ever relevant. Our prayers remain with you always. Gord Downie will forever live in the conscience of Canadian culture.


It’s time for Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week! This local bearded bear can be found mixing drinks at a local watering hole called The Lodge. This  is Aaron! He is an excellent artist and I’m looking forward to featuring his work right here on my blog in 2018! I think he’s available boys! Aaron you have been entered for the year end prize! Good luck!


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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