Badass B.I.T.C Beard #9

Posted by Admin1 on March 03, 2018
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Hey Brucesters! Meet our first Badass Beard for March! Looks like March is coming in like a lion! Hear him roar!

My names Duncan ( at least that’s what I tell everyone )
My birth name is French & I always hated having to explain my grasp of the language was “oui” “non” and “merde” and not much else.
I moved around lots as a kid and that transcended into my adulthood. I can’t stay in one spot too long.
I burn all my bridges, break some hearts and get run out of town. I’ve lived in Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Vancouver, Calgary and now Hamilton.

I’m a big kid who still runs to the comic book Shoppe every Wednesday and I’m first in line to any super hero movie. I eat like I was still 10 years old, but with the money to afford it. If I want ice cream bars for dinner I will eat them mom…. get off my back. Hmmm sorry.

I’m happy you like my beard. To be perfectly honest it’s on my face purely out of laziness. About 10 years ago I realized I DIDN’T have to shave every day, and it was like a cheat code to my already low grooming standards.

My job is probably the most interesting thing of note I can tell you about. I run the Central Spa chain of men’s bath houses. Yup. I get paid if you guys show up and get laid. We need more sexy bearded guys though.

Congrats Duncan! Good luck with March’s contest! The tattooes are rocking as well! Maybe I need to do a tat contest?!?


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