Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest #20

Posted by Bruce on May 19, 2018


Wow it’s the 20th beard so far this year and it’s the 20th of May! How cool is that? I’m so glad you bearded fellows are excited that The Men’s Room Toronto has graciously agreed to be Bruce in the City’s prize destination for The Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest! The staff are amazing and crazy sexy! Their all super helpful to. If it’s a hair grooming you need then their hairstylists are top notch! I’ve been done by two of them! Both times I knew I’d be coming again. I have a bit of a T Shirt addiction. They have the best T Shirts. So fun and frisky! You can win a $20 gift card compliments of The Men’s Room by submitting your bearded selfie @bruceinthecity Instagram in my chat with at least 5 fun facts about yourself. Each week a beard is chosen. My sexy followers vote for you and it’s as easy as that! Every month there’s a wiener. I mean a winner! Oh and don’t forget to food The Men’s Room on Facebook and Instagram @shopthemensroom

Let’s get on it shall we? This weeks beard belongs to this cutie…. Fadi!

I listen to Barbra Streisand while working out on a daily basis. I sit down when I pee! I have to have my Nutella every day! I love to dance to 80’s music and I love DOGS!!! Vote for me!

Thanks Fadi and good luck! Stop on over to my official Instagram and hit the ❤ On his solo pic and bio @bruceinthecity When you visit Toronto don’t forget to hit up the men’s room! Tell em Bruce in the City sent you! 


edited by BWC

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