Badass BITC Beard #30

The Badass bitc Beard contest is heating up with our final contestant for July. Get ready to vote for….

Austin! I’m a graphic designer / web developer! I promote and run a party in Portland called @daddybone_ with daddy gogo dancers! I’m an avid gamer and pro Netflix binger. I relocated to the Pacific Northwest out of the Bible belt and have never been happier! Umm… I like to tinker and build stuff. Remodel parts of the house. Sometimes it even turns out nice?!?!

There you go! The latest sexy beard all ready for you to vote for. Head on over to my official Instagram @bruceinthecity and click the heart on the pic and bio! It’s that simple.

The winner for July will be announced next Friday.


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I have been writing my blog since 2010. I was inspired to do so after enjoying an amazing meal with some friends of mine here in Toronto. I decided to tell everyone about my great night and the fabulous restaurant I went to and shazam my blog was born!

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