Badass BITC Beard of the week! #31

Brucesters & B.I.T.C’s

The dog days of summer are in full affect! It’s been a scorcher of a summer both weather wise and beard wize! Thanks to all the boys who’ve played along! You have really made The Badass B.I.T.C Beard contest a great success. Plans are underway to produce our first calendar to raise funds for PWA foundation here in Toronto. Without further delay this is RYAN! 🌈

1. I was born in Scotland 2. I lived in Gander, Newfoundland for 2 years 3. I got to meet and shake the hand of Muhammad Ali at the Pittsburgh International Airport 4. I have had two heart surgeries to try to correct a form of tachycardia, but neither worked, and the second surgery landed me in ICU for 9 days 5. I have never had the chicken pox

And you’re a cutie putoutie! Did I spell that correctly? LOL! I don’t think so! Ok head on over to my official Instagram and vote! Two chances to vote by clicking the heart on my post of Ryan’s pic and on the post of his bio which are found back to back @bruceinthecity

Ryans Instagram is @harrybuck11 tell him the B.I.T.C send you!!!!

Bruce In The City

Visit The Men’s Room Toronto Today! The official prize destination for the Badass  B.I.T.C Beard contest!

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