Basking in Robbins!

Posted by Admin1 on August 24, 2014
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I woke today and almost found the frost perched on the town (Ode to Joni)!  Thank God that wasn’t quite the case.  For the second last week of August it sure has been cool.  It hasn’t been an overly hot summer at all has it?  Not that I’m complaining, but after that unusually cold and snowy winter I think Mother Nature owed us a bit more.
Like it or not, a friend of mine reminded me that summer is on it’s way out.  I put my fingers in my ears and sang “La la la la I can’t hear you…”.
Since it seems the days are getting a bit shorter and summer is winding down, there are a few things I must do in order to feel my summer was not a loss of time.  One is head over to my buddies for a BBQ, which I’ll be doing at 1 p.m. today, sunshine or not.  Two, head over to St. John’s Market to pick up some veggies from Fiddlehead Farm (check past blogs, I wrote about them last summer).  The other is stop by one of my favourite ice cream parlours. I have been going there long before I moved to the city.  It’s in the village of course; a place I loved to visit as far back as I can remember to present.
I stopped by the other day to say hello to Sam, the owner.  He has been there I think, since ice cream was invented.  He doesn’t look it though.  Sam has been scooping ice cream for at least 20 years.  He always looks so happy doing it.  It’s so great to be able to see someone year after year doing what they love.  He loves people and he seems to love ice cream. I have to admit I’m more a lover of the second choice, it never lets you down!
As I walk through the doors he always has a big hello!  There is a fresh crisp feel in the air.  A relief much appreciated after time in the summer heat.  All the choices!!!  I usually stand by old faithful, mint chocolate chip, but he tries to get me to try other flavours.  I just can’t cheat on my mint and chip!  Sam is such a cool guy.  He makes everyone feel welcome and he runs a good business.  It wouldn’t be summer without a stop at his Baskin Robins!
With everything changing so frantically, (no more post delivery, no more knife sharpener, lord knows they haven’t delivered milk in years) it’s nice to know a shop like the ice cream parlor has survived the new world.  No matter how they try to shoot us into the future there isn’t a person who doesn’t enjoy a moment to slow down, say hello to Sam, and have some amazing ice cream!
Hey Sam, keep that ice cream good and cold and see you again soon!
536 Church St & 955 Lakeshore Blvd West
What’s the #1 thing you have to do this Summer in Toronto?  Next Sunday my love affair with the best fair this side of lake Ontario!!  The only Ex worth dating again and again!  The C.N.E!!!  On now!
Stay tuned!

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