Beard of August

Posted by Bruce on August 01, 2019
Check it Out!


Heres what you are waiting for! Meet Chase Augusts beard! Dont forget to vote for your monthly bearded! Visit my official Instagram @bruceinthecity2010 to vote hit the heart on his pic and article post. It’s that easy! Grand prize announce January 1st! 2020!

1) I’m a Mens Physique Competitor
2) I had a cornea eye transplant two years ago
3) I have two beautiful dogs, a Saint Bernard & a Sheep Dog
4) I am a Danish Viking ⚔️- family is from Denmark 🇩🇰
5) I’ve only had a beard for just under a year now.
6) I am a Fitness Coach and I own my own Online personal training business

Ok folks let’s Chase this one down! See what I did there? LOL! Go vote!


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