Beard of December

Posted by Bruce on December 01, 2019
Check it Out!

Holy crap! I cant believe I’m about to announce the final bearded fellow for 2019. What a year of amazing beards,amazing stories and inspiring men. The winner for beard of the year will be announced the second sunday in January 2020. But first I’d like you to meet Quinn. @quinn.patrick


Hes a talented artist local to the Peterborough area in ontario canada. Hes also a natural with cosmetics. Quinn enjoys the outdoors and you can often find him out in nature. He was always an artist. Quinn also plays around with his guitar. That’s pretty cool actually. Hes a hottie! Go and vote for Quinn now. Sign up for my instagram account @bruceinthecity and hit the like button on this post there. Happy holidays to all my bearded brothers! I cant wait to see who has the most votes and becomes the new Beard Ambassador 2019/2020!

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Bruce Law

Hair by Nick Folco

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