Beard of November


It beard time! I just love my beards. I’ve enjoyed featuring the beards and fellows over the past two and a half years. It’s hard to believe another bearded year is winding down. However, we’ve still got two months and two sexy beards to go! These last two beards will mark the end of this feature on my blog. We might as well go out with a bang!!! This is Bradley! Sorry boys this sexy fellow is engaged!

Hey I’m Bradley! My fun facts are as follows! I am an amazing baker. I’m a talented hairstylist. I’m a fur baby father! I LOVE pizza! Lastly, I’m afraid of heights!

Beard of November

That’s awesome Bradley! Thanks for letting me feature you on my Blog and my Instagram! It’s you guys that make my blog the fun it is for me and all 25,000 registered readers!

You can follow two of Bradley’s instagrams pictured here! Tell him Bruce in the City sent you.

Writer Bruce Christopher

Editor & Publicist Bruce Law

Bruce Christopher’s hair by

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