Beard of September

Posted by Admin1 on September 01, 2019
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Hey Brucesters!

Just because September has landed doesn’t mean things are chilling off here at Bruce in the City. Now that I’m officially back from vacation it’s time to really heat things up! The beards of the month have been sizzling all year. This next badass bearded stud really smashes the thermometer!

Heres a few sexy facts about this bearded leather man. JS Toro is a theme park freak. He weas a different bow tie every time he goes o the theatre or similar event. This hottie has a tattoo from the movie Mean Girls! Now he doesn’t look too mean. Does he? In spite of his outward appearance JS Toro is very conservative. His final fun fact is that he loves different different languages. He didn’t clarify whether he spoke any other than English.
You can follow his sexy Instagram @jhonbb94 go vote for him now @bruceinthecity on Instagram.

Welcome back Brucesters! I’ve got a great Fall season in store for you.

Bearded Badass and Bare!

Bruce in the City

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