Beard On!

Wow! Another year flies by and it’s almost time to crown the first Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the year! The first annual of its kind on my blog! How exciting! However before I do this, we still have one more Badass Beard of the week to announce! Drum roll please! Go for it….

Awe fun. Okay!
I’m a queer bear daddy in training!
I was a body piercer while I went to school for nursing!
I’m a world traveller. Especially eco and city adventures!
I belonged to a dance troop when I was younger.
Dancing is church!
Taking vogue chore classes!
Practice loving kindness and daily meditation.
Gender fuck painting!?!
My favourite exercise is the squats.
I’ve lost my bank card and replaced it 86 times (I finally have a wallet after as of a couple of weeks ago)
I love to laugh and will be starting standup comedy classes.
I have bedtime eyes (they change from blue green and grey)
Advocate and passionate for our community LGBTQIA2 and marginalized population! I’m Donnavon!!!

How is that?

Well Sir! That’s pretty damn good! You sound like a hoot and a holler! The perfect Badass Beard to end Bruce in the City’s first Beard contest!

Tomorrow our first Badass B.I.T.C Beard winner will be announced! Good luck to all the sexy beards who have been featured over the last few weeks! My panel of judges will begin the fun task of voting! Cocktails high! Happy New year and may all my readers have an outstanding 2018!

Yours Truly

Bruce in the City!


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I have been writing my blog since 2010. I was inspired to do so after enjoying an amazing meal with some friends of mine here in Toronto. I decided to tell everyone about my great night and the fabulous restaurant I went to and shazam my blog was born!

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