Bearded Conclusion…

Hey my amazing readers! This is our final beard contestant of 2018 and for this contest which comes to a close with this final amazing beard! Vote hard! By visiting my official Instagram @bruceinthecity This my friends is Trevor…

1- I’m bearded villain
2- I’m a major comic book geek
3- I love star wars (only the original
4- I’ve got a one eyed cat called plissken (named after the kurt Russell character in escape from New York
5-i hate coconut with a vengeance

I always enjoyed these little tidbits from these beautiful beards! It’s been really wonderful getting to know each one of you.

2019 will begin a new bearded chapter with a monthly bearded fellow chosen by me who has shown to make a difference in people’s life’s in a positive way! He will be chosen from followers on my Instagram account @bruceinthecity

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Stay tuned for the beard of the year & Beard ambassador for Bruce in the City dot com! To be announced next Saturday!


Bruce in the City

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