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Posted by Bruce on August 19, 2018
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The terrible din of crowbars and sledgehammers wielded against wooden doors and marble walls.

That’s what Peter Bochove remembers most about the night of Feb. 5, 1981, when police descended on four of Toronto’s bathhouses and rounded up close to 300 men.

They were herded into the bathhouse lobbies, many dressed only in towels. Some had numbers marked on their arms. Others would later tell of being pressed for the names of their wives and bosses.

The majority were arrested at the Richmond Street Health Emporium, owned by Bochove. It was so badly damaged during the raid that it never reopened. Exerp from the Toronto Star  NICKI THOMAS STAFF REPORTER
Fri., Feb. 4, 2011

Thank God Times have changed. It’s always important to remember so we never return to those dark days again.

Bruce in the City

Hey you sexy bears! It’s great to be back! It’s amazing to be connected with bears from all over the world and I love meeting you on my Instagram @bruceinthecity and here on my official blog Today it’s all about the bears!
I love giving you a birds eye view from my Canadian perspective. I’m a Toronto Bear Cub and telling you about the bears of the North makes me proud. Canadians and the US bears has shared a special friendship for a long time and we definitely love when you come to visit us! Recently I attended a super sexy event at one of Toronto’s most popular men’s spas “Spa Excess” when in my fair city it’s a very popular go to for the bear community. Their Bear events draw a colourful mix of fellows who leave their inhibitions at the door. This place is easy going down to earth and a great place to meet and greet and meat and greet!

“It’s so popular and so wonderful an evening, because a lot of people are alone and not many people come as a couple,” “It’s become like one big, huge family.” excerpt from the Toronto 2014, StarLaura Armstrong
Staff Reporter

The Bears in Excess event I attended there recently happens once a month along with Chubs at the Tubs where the alpha bears are out in droves.
The energy is great. There’s prizes to be won and money to be raised to help local relevant causes. This day was to raise funds, for a close friend of the organizer,who needed a serious life saving surgery.  I met bears from all over the world at the event including some of you fine mates from across the boarder! There’s like four levels  of fun in this spa and a bar to get you in the right frame of mind. The staff is helpful and the staffs are plenty! It’s great to see the Gay community embracing us more voluptuous Queers and it’s really about time being that full size is now in vogue. I hope this beautiful trend continues. Body shaming is so 1990’s! Come and be a saint or sinner at the next Bear event if your visiting Toronto. We just love you our bears from the south. Check out Bears in Excess on Instagram for current event info @bearsinexcess organizer @fluffyeric (Eric)
Have a great August! See you in September you sexy Bears!

Bruce in the City

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