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Posted by Bruce on October 29, 2017
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Hey B.I.T.C readers! Wow, well Fall finally arrived in the City I think. Just in time for Halloween next week. Before I begin my little blog this week it’s been a while since I’ve had my B.I.T.C session so here are some moments to write home about.
So I was heading to The Lodge the other day, my first time checking it out. My mode of transportation in the city is either cab or TTC. This day it was the TTC. The weirdest things happen to me on the TTC. There are so many I could seriously write a separate blog just for that! I was looking all bearded and ready to hit The Lodge for the first time and I was relaxing minding my own bear business in the lower landing of the bus just below the stairs that lead to the upper level of the bus. Someone hit the bell to get off. Not unusual, however what happened next was well, asinine! A lovely voluptuous woman steps into the landing, one step away from my shoulder, again not unusual, but then proceeded to rest her ass onto my shoulder! I’m not kidding! Her bottom was so busy beautiful she seemed to have trouble keeping control of it and in standing in the landing her butt protruded out enough that it rested itself right on my shoulder blade. I was in shock. I couldn’t even speak as her bottom waited comfortably on me for it’s next stop. My god where was it going to land next??? I’ll never know.
I arrived at The Lodge not long after and I was definitely in need of a drink or tranquilizer. The Lodge is this cool little pub in the village. I’d never been but had heard a lot about it. It is above O’Grady’s another bar I like during non-Pride season. Their security during pride are always assholes so I choose not to go. So I quickly found a corner seat with a good view of the pub and it’s bears. I wanted to study these bears in their natural habitat. I wasn’t really sure whether there was a possibility of getting mauled or bitten. It was wonderfully unpretentious. The works between Twink, Jocks, Cubs and Bears can be worlds apart not unlike an episode of Degrassi High.
It’s remarkable to me how unwelcoming these neesh groups can be to each other. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the village. I remember when I first moved here and went to another local queer spot this very Queenly Dude actually laughed at my shoes because they weren’t designer. I was pretty soft back then and I actually sank in my seat with embarrassment. Oh, how things have change. Today I’d just B.I.T.C slap him! Verbally of course. No violence, just love. So I’m sitting there watching the bears down their beers. A very cute little cub bartender helps me decide on a beer.
I wanted to feel just like those other bears and not drink my usual wine. His name was Sam and he was very sweet. The bears played gossip chain and talked Will and Grace. Suddenly you appeared. A mature fellow with a warm and welcoming smile and offered to buy me a drink. I had received a welcome shot from the bears in the corner moments before. I felt like the bear of the ball. The music was very retro: Carpenters, Ann Murray, Joni Mitchell, Kenny Rogers. I loved it. I was literally on bear planet. I was home. It was so cozy and cute. Just like me. If you are a local bear or a bear enthusiast I highly recommend you stopping by. I recommend abstaining from feeding them unless you want them to follow you home.

5 kisses out of 5


It’s that time we all wait for…. Badass B.I.T.C Beard of the Week. This weeks Badass B.I.T.C Beard belongs to…


“ I don’t know if there are any important facts about me at all, but I do cut hair for a living and I’m a karaoke rockstar.. but other than that I’m pretty average. Oh and I’m covered in hair from head to toe if that’s notable and relevant. LOL. All of my childhood and early 20’s I spent nearly 100 pounds overweight so even though I’m nearly 50, I still don’t necessarily see what others see. My partner is amazing, believe me I’m the lucky one. He’s a doll and one of the kindest, and thank God for my sake, one of the most understanding people ever!”

Awe!!! This dude sounds incredible right? Humble! Stunning! Taken!! Damn, eh beards? Rick you’re now entered in the year end contest! Stay cool and keep reading Bruce in the City!


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