Birthday Medieval Style

NG_MEDIEVALTIMES4_22303067Ok “Brucesters” it’s that time of year again when I celebrate me!  What’s that?  I’m always celebrating me?  Well ya!  Who wouldn’t?  But in fact my birthday will be in a few weeks and I am already prepping myself for a fabulous time.
I’ve decided I am taking myself to Medieval Times!  It’s a dinner theatre with a twist.  It takes place in the obvious, Medieval times.  I have been wanting to go for years and although I have spent many a year hinting to almost everyone I know that this is what I want to do, no plans have ever been put into motion.  Not that I don’t appreciate what my other birthdays looked like, but now it’s time to get my Medieval on!!
Now I usually don’t tell you all where I am going, mostly where I have been, but this time I am leaving the joy of this big day in the hands of hunky men on horses! Sounds good to me!
You will get the whole low down, stay tuned!
Date to be announced!


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