Birthday’s Are like Masterbation!

Posted by Admin1 on March 25, 2012

Every year Toronto plays host to one of the most scented events on the Spring calendar “Canada Blooms” I have attended for the past three years.  Flower lovers from around the globe create their floral forms and compete in the annual flower competition.  It’s amazing to see all the countries that are involved, Africa, Australia, China, the USA and of course Canada, the list goes on and on.

And if you think this week long event is just for the girls, you could not be more wrong. I was amazed at how many men attend and participate in this show.  Such manly men to all covered in designer overalls and designer dirt under the nails. Did you know there are like 12 different types of dirt you can plant your bulbs and seeds in and I think that is only a start.

It took place at the Direct Energy Center at the C.N.E.  I was to meet a few friends there. Of course meeting someone is always the hard part! Argh, no one told me there was a new entrance. After waiting 45 minutes I decided to go on in and make my way around the exhibits. Totally stunning and fabulous!

After about an hour I did manage to find my pals and off to the wine tasting lounge we went.  We all cheered my Birthday and enjoyed some wine from Reif Estate Winery from the Niagara Region.  It was nice and certainly got the day off to a perfect start. You know how much I love my wines!

My Birthday week was off to a good strong start! There was a hint in the air that there were other events in the works to celebrate me and I was holding my breath waiting for the big 41 to arrive! As it crept closer cards began to arrive in the mail from various friend’s, Laura, Florence, Nancy and of course my Mom and Dad and so it got me thinking, if cards were showing up in my mail box maybe there wasn’t anything in the works at all. I mean why would they send a card if there was something being planned where they could give it to me in person?

I got a call from a close friend who was wanting to put together a karaoke night and I thought that would be amazing. I didn’t want to say yes because well I thought my Birthday was being planned by my better half? I just said maybe talk to …. and maybe you guys can work it out!  After a few days it was becoming more apparent nothing was happening. I am great at exposing surprise parties and I just wasn’t getting anything from John.

I finally had to ask him straight out. Are you planning something for me because I am getting the feeling whatever you were trying to plan might not be happening. Argh! I hate it when I’m right. John was planning a dinner party where a friend of ours that is a chef was going to cook a dinner for 10 and it was going to be a surprise! Well it fell through and left John scrambling for ideas!

Unfortunately it was now the Friday before my Birthday and it looked like everyone was busy! Birthday’s are like masturbation! Sometimes it’s best to pull it off yourself!!! I headed downtown and text my best friend! Hey I’m in the village! Let’s have a drink!  We stopped into the Church and Wellesley Village! We ordered two large bowls of mussels and two Caesar cocktails. We told our waiter when you see these empty hit us with your loveliest 1/2 liter white. White wine goes best with mussels! Who am I kidding everything goes great with mussels!  Like Diana Ross sang…. “I Want Muscles!”

…. to be continued

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