Birthday’s Are like…Part 2! We Did it Greek!

Posted by Admin1 on March 26, 2012

So as we ate our mussels and drank our wine poor John was home teaching piano to one of his students and trying desperately to come up with what he was going to do for me for my Birthday!  Not an easy task as my expectation was running high as I had, thrown him the perfect surprise party just a month before.

As we were wrapping things up at “Sambuca’s” Kaarlo’s partner Billy joined us and we quickly learned that “Play” a great little bar bingo hot spot was closed. That sucked because that is where we were heading next! Needless to say we worked it out and partied into the wee hours!

Jump to Sunday March 25th 2012 My official Birthday:

My Mom and Dad decide to surprise me with breakfast on Eglinton Ave! Still not a word from John on what he had come up with for my big day! I was skeptical! I was worried! Was he going to drop the ball. I had hoped not but, I was feeling all sensitive. I had never turned 41 before and it wasn’t fitting as comfortably as previous B days! After an excellent visit and a wonderful performance from John on the harpsichord, Mom and Dad were off and I decided I would enjoy some siesta.

My Birthday was slipping by and my nap had made way to afternoon sun coming through my bedroom window.  John was also napping and so I decided to post the first part of this blog.  The most amazing thing happened as I hit post on “Bruce in the City” John came into the living room and said “Let’s go.”

We gathered ourselves and with curiosity in hand, we were off for an evening to remember.  We stopped on the Danforth.  I was guessing now that we would be doing it Greek tonight and I was so excited. I just love it Greek!  I mean who doesn’t.  We walked through the open doors of a lovely place called “Pappas Grill” Really nice place!  As we took our seats at the window and John took the liberty of ordering a wonderful bottle of white.  The decor was warm and woody. A cast iron chandelier hung just behind us above a staircase that would lead you to the lower dining area.

The music was authentic and when the Saganaki arrived it was lit ablaze and whoopa was shouted from all corners of the restaurant.  If you have not tried it, it is a must at a Greek restaurant.  We order the lamb Souvlaki with Greek salad and it was so very good. It was tender and cooked to perfection.  There was plenty to bring home but not before a double order of Creme Brulee!

We talked about our lives together and laughed at the things we have done and the crazy things we have gone through.  We enjoyed talking about our optimism about the coming year and how it felt to be forty 1….

It was a perfect way to celebrate the old and honour the new as I began another milestone in my life.  I guess some things are not meant to do alone…. Birthday’s are definitely one of them! Thanks John my night in the city was splendid!


Sambuca’s: 4 Kisses out of 5

  • 489 Church St ·
  • Toronto
  • (416) 966-3241

Pappas Grill: 5 Kisses out of 5

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