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Posted by Bruce on September 21, 2014
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Happy Autumn Everyone!!! The one great thing about my city is all the great biting that’s going on!  I mean honestly, on almost every corner of this fascinating city is a pit stop of pleasure for the mouth.  There are too many to talk about on my blog but one has jumped out and bit me this week and I just wanted to give it a little love from “Bruce in the City”
The place is called Bite & Sip!  Simple and to the point.  One thing that is not simple by any mean is this eatery’s attention for mouth watering detail!  Owner Milka Cobanov is constantly being reviewed and for good reason.  Her mouth treats are freaking amazing!  I spent one late afternoon this past week devouring one of her many incredibly fresh and scrumptious pretzels!  Originally from Yugoslavia, she has built an incredible reputation for deliciously soft tantalizing pretzels!
Her little spot in the world sits just under Honest Eds at Bloor and Bathurts! I’ve been spending a little more time in the area with my new career and lucky me for having had to.  The pretzels are just to die for!  Of course her place offers other fixings like sandwiches and smoothies but for me it’s the pretzels that knocked my socks off.
Conveniently neighboured beside “The Wine Rack” I would say what else does a city boy need!  A hot fabulous pretzel and an outstanding bottle of Inniskillin “Late Autumn Riesling”.  Stop my nerves!!
Between the sweet and the salty of this pairing there is just nothing left to a man’s imagination!
I’m off to Huntsville later this afternoon!!  I can’t wait to tell you about that!  And yes, I have my bag of freshly baked pretzels and wine in toe!!
Good Times!
Bite & Sip
5 kisses out of 5

Editor Mary Ellen Monk

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