Blarney eh?

Posted by Bruce on August 14, 2011

Aw back to my wonderful city, Toronto.  I just love her so.  No matter where I go I can’t get her out of my mind. Well,  It was my first day back to work from my short vacate which of course you all heard about last Sunday and I had decided to treat myself to a lunch, somewhere new. 

I don’t know about you but it’s so hard to get back to work after some time away. You begin dreaming of what life would be like if you didn’t have to work 40 hours a week.  But then you see all your mates and your clients and the fun of it quickly returns.  At least I hope it does for you or you should seriously find something new.  I still get a thrill from my job so I count myself very lucky!  Anyway where was I? 

I stepped out onto the streets of Toronto with one hour to do lunch.  I took a stroll into Yorkville and ended up at a cute basement restaurant with windows wide open for the perfect blend of sense, sun and good old city air. There was a nice looking fellow sitting right in the window seat. The seat I wanted, so I kicked him out.  Please, I am not that heartless.  I starred him down like he was a long lost lover that had given me crabs.  No not really.  I had him removed by security. No that’s not true.  I smiled and took the table just behind him. He sported a very cute little laptop.

Anyway, yum yum spag and balls, garlic bread and an ice tea, for only $5.95! I thought you can’t lose. As I ate my meal the guy at the window began glancing over at me and smirking.  I tried to ignore him but of course my insecurities start getting the best of me. I wiped my mouth just in case I had slopped.  I get a moment back to myself as he looks away.  Then he glances over again.  I check my fly. Up! Just where it should be. Window guy bursts out in laughter. I looked up then down then away and I think I even decided to just pretend I wasn’t there. He blew a kiss in my direction.  Is this guy coming onto me.  “Awkward and alluring.” He eats a bit of lunch and drinks his beer.  With a smile and a giggle he glances in my direction again and again.  Maybe it’s the hair.  I did spend a bit more time this morning on it.  Maybe I was looking well rested from my holiday.

I hide myself behind my newspaper, “Now” not really news but a fun entertainment guide to the city and a great vale for relief of embarrassment. As I finished the last bit of my wonderful lunch size pasta, with some of the best balls I had in my mouth in some time, the window guy let’s out another chuckle.  Is he is laughing at me. 

Then he pulls from his ears some earplugs and calls out to the hot bar tender just behind me.  “I love your vids!” he exclaims.  Oh my God!!! I could die right now! He wasn’t blowing kisses at me!!! He wasn’t giggling at me!  He wasn’t even laughing at me. He was watching this bartenders video and blowing her the kisses of approval from across the restaurant.  How could I be so mistaken?  I am humiliated.  I am never this unsure!  What was in those balls anyway?  I pay my bill and split as quickly as I can.

Well needless to say I survived lunch to make it back to work just in time to greet the window guy right there before me.  “Ya I’m wondering about a gift for my girlfriend, any suggestions?” I think to myself  “What are the odds, ya gotta love this city!”

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