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Posted by Bruce on April 03, 2016
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Of course it would happen to me!  I must have jinxed myself talking about my birthday so much.  It was Thursday, the day before Good Friday.  I had been feeling like crap all week.  Of course I had all kinds of scenarios going through my head, being a hypochondriac.

Well the day before my big day it all became very clear.  I had a cold.  I know right?  Poor me!  Seriously though, where are these colds coming from these days.  I was knocked out on my ass straight through until Tuesday.  I missed my birthday, Easter and the kicker, I had passed it on to John and his Mom who we care for.  So now all of us are sick and moping around the condo like larva.

It was pretty depressing and not only did I miss Easter but as the lead tenor in my local church choir I was unable to fulfill my obligation to sing in the Anthems so John had to cancel the performances we worked so hard to pull together.  A total drag and the Easter Bunny even passed us by.  He must have had a cold too!  John of course gave me the most wonderful card the evening of my birthday and when you’re feeling like crap it is a lovely thing to put at your bedside.

Jump forward to Tuesday evening.  John comes into our room where I was resting, still fighting this damn cold, and he said it’s too bad we’ve been so under the weather.  Darren Criss (Blaine from Glee) had played at Roy Thompson Hall and it would have been so great to go see him. He was performing great songs from the biggest and brightest Broadway and off Broadway shows.

Well that was sweet of him to say but now I was pissed that I was sick, not that I wasn’t already.  I decided to get on Twitter and declare my sadness at the thought of missing a performance by one of our favorite performers, Darren Criss.

A moment later “The Darren Criss Army” a Twitter group got back to me to inform that Darren still had two performances left on Wednesday.  The Darren Criss Army is a twitter fan group that chats about none other than Darren!

Well we decided to jump on line to see what was available for seats.  There were two seats in the 11th row and even though we felt like crap we knew we had to run with it.  How many chances will there be to see him perform?

Filled with all of the pharmaceutical drugs our bodies could handle we made it to the show.  Our goal was not to cough on anyone.   I hate germ spreaders and I didn’t want us to be a team of spreaders.

I have to tell you, Darren Criss did not disappoint.  He was so good.  John, who tends to be a little critical of live performances, was moved to tears several times throughout the show.  My worry was that his voice was over produced on Glee therefore leaving a gap between what we heard on the show and what he may sound like live.

Of course I had read a review of Hedge Wig and his performance on Broadway but I was still nervous he may fall off that unhealthy pedestal we had placed him on. He was brilliant!  A really talented singer, pianist, guitarist and just a nice guy.

He shared the stage with another artist who I am going to speak about next Sunday so stay tuned for that!

Darren is a really special talent with an incredible amount of depth in every song he sings.  I await his solo album with anticipated “Glee”!

5 kisses out of 5


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