Brotherhood of Barbers

Posted by Admin1 on September 08, 2019
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Let’s get this fall season off the right way and that’s with a fresh cut from one of the hippest barber shops I’ve been to in a long time. Living in Toronto for 13 years tends to alter one’s reality when it comes to believing talent can exist outside the GTA but I’ve found a mens grooming salon that takes it up a notch when it comes to decor, talent, and sexy ass barbers. I’ve now had my hair cut and beard trimmed several times and every time I walk away and admire myself in any mirror available I’m blown away at the precision in which my head is handled! You can find this hidden gem along Hunter Street in Peterborough, Ontario.  What’s back? The straight blade. The warm towels. The incredibly friendly and patient customer care. Trust me, I know! The first time I visited the shop I was a super bitch and those guys took it in stride. When I went back with my tail between my legs they were completely accommodating and true gentlemen. Even after I barfed in their washroom explosively they still made me feel completely welcome and comfortable. (I had some food poisoning from a restaurant close by that will remain nameless.)  The shop has been around for decades and has a very loyal following of fans. I’m certainly one. They have a beverage area that caters to those with a taste for the barrelled and even soda for the kids. Lots of kids get their hair done there. All of the guys have a way of making this child experience stress free and high fives are not uncommon. They have a substancial collection of beard and hair care products as well as very cool merchandise. This group of guys truly feel like a brotherhood and they excel at making you feel like part of their club. When you’re in the Peterborough area and need a hair adjustment hit up the boys at Henry’s, they’ll hook you up.

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