“Bruce” in the City STRONG!!!!

Posted by Bruce on February 04, 2018

BRUCE” in the City STRONG!!!!

If you have been following Toronto news of late, no doubt, you will have heard that the “Gay Village” and the city of Toronto are contending with a major crisis unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It has shaken our community to the core.

The man who has reportedly murdered 5 men in the community (with possibly more to be announced) is named Bruce. This has led several followers of my blog, recently, to suggest that a name change, under the circumstances, may be desirable.

Here, and now, I am taking MY stand – there is NOT going to be a name change – just like I am not going to change MY name!!!! To hide my name because of what has happened is not the way we as human beings need to behave. Collectively, we need to confine what has happened to that person alone and not superimpose their conduct on others. If we don’t then the world would be deprived of people named “Paul” or “Peter” or “Robert” or “William” and so many others and not because of what they did wrong but because of an evil act committed by someone who just happens to bear the same name. Let me remind you, the name Bruce is a strong and beautiful Scottish name that means The Thicket; which according to the Cambridge Dictionary is “an area of trees and bushes growing closely together”. And with this “Bruce” you couldn’t ask for something better!!! Me and this blog have, for the last 8 years been bringing together all of you who faithfully or periodically follow my exploits into my little bit of the world to build closeness, compassion, laughter and most importantly support! Support, especially when in the world there are those times of ugliness, and we are in desperate need of finding beauty, peace and contentment.

Tonight is a service of remembrance for the 5 known victims is occurring to help people come together in this deeply troubling time. It will be at 7 pm at the Metropolitan Community Church. Unfortunately, I’m not able to be in attendance at the vigil tonight but my heart will be with everyone who is there. I’m certain many of my friends will be there. 

My heart goes out to all the families and friends who have lost a loved one to this murderer. I was a casual friend to one of the victims and remain in stunned disbelief that this has happened. My prayers are with all who have died and those that gather tonight to remember them. It’s never easy when a community is attacked no matter what group is affected. But we can never let those evil acts become the tag line to such a beautiful and loving community. We must remain strong and continue to see the beauty in humankind. What’s in a name? What you choose it to be. Never can we allow ourselves to become defined by a tragedy but by how we endure.


Bruce in the City

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