“Bruce in the City… turns 1”

Posted by Bruce on October 02, 2011

“Bruce in the City” turns 1!!!  What do I write about on this the anniversary of my little blog?  When my fingers got an itching for the keyboard back last October 5th to begin this little hobby, I never really knew what it was going to be about or where it was going to take me.  I had one other reader other than myself and my voice felt small and not very relevant.  Since than I have covered a wonderful range of topics and some I blush at when I re-read.  All of them I am proud of!  I think at times I got lost in my emotion but never did I forget to eat or drink wine.  The typos have been horrific and the grammar a grade teachers nightmare but the passion was larger than life.

Oh and the personality!!!! Divine, you know I know it! Just admit it! You hung on every word. Even when spelt incorrectly!  I’ve tried getting to know you but since that is not possible I admit I spent most of my time letting you get to know me.  We have enjoyed some great restaurants and tasted some great wines.  We have lost our selves in gossip and were horrified by terrible T.V!

We enjoyed Thia, Irish, Greek, German amongst other menu’s and some of you fell in love along the way.  I have yelled at some of you and removed some of you from my facebook page!  I have insulted you and encouraged you all in the same sentence.  Oh God how I would love to insult someone right now but…. I think I will save all that jazz for the coming weeks and year.   I think this week I would like to pause for just a moment to orally satisfy myself.  Oh my that didn’t come out right.  I mean, you know, stroke my own Igor…. Oh these damn typos! Of course I meant ego!  How embarrassing!  Typos have certainly had there place in my blog as much as wine has had a place in my tummy over the past year.  I actually thought I may have a bit of a drinking problem as I looked over my writings but that thought quickly faded as I enjoyed my fourth glass of Merlot, sensational.

Thank you to everyone who has corrected my spelling and grammar and refrained from judgement because not all writers are excellent spellers and not all spellers are excellent writers!!!    Who knew there, their and they’re would have caused me such grief!! Thank you!  To everyone that read at least one of my blogs, thank you for the music the songs I’m singing, thanks for all the joy I’m bringing.  Who could live with it? I ask in all honesty.  Without a song or a blog what are we?  Sorry about that I’m listening to Abba! Don’t you just love Abba!  I can’t believe people used to break their records and now they are like one of the most revered pop acts of the century!  Take that you “Twisted Sister”  lover who used to tease me in public school!  Where is your great Sister now?

I have been asked what have I learned over the past year while writing my blog and would I care to share that knowledge to my readers.  Ahhh, no!  Of course this blog is really about my love affair with the city of Toronto  but even further it is simply a journal of a little thing called my life.  I promise to keep that and this city the focus  of this coming years blog unlike some stories about another great city that somehow ended us up in Abu Dhabi!!!! Horrific!  Aw and another glass of wine!!!!

As I look out my window onto the trees now turning a coat of many colours and the sun is setting with a perfect hue of purples and gold I know this next year of writing is going to take me to corners of the city that even I have not seen before and before I say good bye until next week I thought I would mention this Wednesday night I’ll be at Lola Martini Lounge sipping a celebratory chocolate martini!!! I would love it if you would pop in to say hello! Don’t be shy! I would love to meet you! I will be at 7 Maitland St. Oct 5th 7pm!!!! Feel free to join me! If you can’t make it post your thoughts and love right here on my blog!!!! I have learned one valuable lesson this year and have experienced it’s truth.  Not everyone likes it when you move forward with your passions.  Some people would like to see you muddle around in their doom and gloom!  Don’t, you will be amazed at what you can get accomplished!  Well kids “Bruce in the City” is a big one year!!!!!!!!!! The one thing I know for sure we are going to have an even better time in 2012!  Oh ya and food is always the correct answer and wine, well she’s my best friend!


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