Bruce in the City turns 5 today!!

Posted by Bruce on October 05, 2015

I hope you will all raise a glass for me today as my little blog turns 5!!!


I have struggled recently over whether to continue writing or now but with all of your support I have decided on several occasions to keep Bruce in the City going and going strong.

Now with over 10,000 registered readers. I am so proud to be able to bring my silly little stories to you each week.

I have been able to meet and speak to some wonderful people over the past five years an since I’m not really a name dropper I will keep the celebrity connections to myself. I will say they are fabulous!!!

I also wanted to thank my Editor Mary Ellen Monk who keeps my spelling, punctuation and all that other crap looking great! She didn’t edit this so lord only knows how I’m doing!

There are a few readers that have made a real difference in whether I would continue to write. I want to thank them and I do hope you know who you are!

Here is my first blog written Oct 5th 2010! I hope you will enjoy and cruise through my archive and see if anything else tickles your fancy!

I’m celebrating the only way I feel fit! One Madonna concert, followed by the new season of Murdoch Mysteries when I arrive home later tonight! Oh yes and wine. Lot’s and Lot’s of wine!



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