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Posted by Bruce on January 06, 2019
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Hey Brucesters!

Happy Freakin New Year! It feels so great to be back writing my Sunday blog. I honestly missed it so much! I missed bugging my editor every week with my stories of bad punctuation and grammar and I missed the great feedback I’d get from all of you, my registered readers! As you know I took some time off due to stress and did my best to get stronger, empower myself, and get to know myself again. I’ll be sharing that personal mission throughout 2019. I just think the more we remove the stigma of mental illness the better our society will be. I’ll speak to this later but for now Bruce is Back and I’m Eating Pie!
I’m happy to announce that I’m not writing alone this week! I’ve invited my dear friend David to join me as we spent some time together in Toronto exploring the many streets and neighbourhoods and this guy has got the best historical facts about our great city. He didn’t want me to mention him but it’s just not possible as he was instrumental in reinsuring me to put my writing hat back on and blog on! David thanks for your overview on this, my pie article.
Dave and I met at a local function many months ago and instantly a friendship bloomed. This guy loves to walk and I swear I lost 10 pounds the first two weeks of walking the city with him. He just loves waking. You know what else he loves, historical facts. I am always hypnotized by his references to historical Landmarks in the city. I asked if I could tag along and get my very own tour guide in a city I’ve lived in for more than a decade! Thankfully he agreed!
It was on one of these foot stepping adventures that he took me to the west end of the city. We were looking for something sweet to eat and I had pretty much exhausted any dessert house on the east side of town so I was in his tour guide hands. Did I mention he’s super cute too? That was just a lucky bonus! After a long stroll we entered what is known as The Annex. It started in 1886 by developer Simeon James. The interesting aspect of The Annex is definitely the architecture. Most of the buildings in the area are the creation of E.J. Lennox, one of Toronto’s leading artchitects in the latter part of the 19th century. The style is a whimsical yet strong blend of Richardson Romanesque and Queen Anne styles. They typically have the large rounded Romanesque arches with Herculean stones on the ground floor and topped off with decorative accents such as turrets or gables and delicate wood work. It is a style that began in Toronto and copied over and over again. Many of the large homes have been broken up into flats and apartments. Others became Fraternity and Soroity houses for neighbouring University of Toronto. David narrated away as we walked along the stunning neighbourhoods of The Annex. All the while I was thinking I’d really love a piece of homemade pie. I’m so ADD but when I was able to stay focused I just loved hearing his beautiful tour guide like way he coined a phrase. I interrupted our “Tour de Annex” and asked if he could take me to a local coffee dessert house. He was always eager to oblige.
We ended up at a coffee dessert house called Futures Bistro Apparently they have one on the St. Lawrence Market too. It was sort of bohemian inside and we grabbed ourselves a much needed coffee and two big slabs of pie! I love pie. I especially love my mom’s homemade pie and this place gave her pies a run for their money (sorry mom!). We sat at the window watching the passers by and made sure we judged them all accordingly. Cute! Super cute! Not in your life and thought it was chocolate! You know when you see someone from a distance you think is going to be as tasty as chocolate and they turn out to be as puckering as a sour baby?
Check out this amazing chain of dessert bars when you’re visiting Toronto. The plate was totally lockable and the neighbourhood a very special piece of historical architecture.
Oh my God, next we go pipe shopping!

Futures Bistro 483 Bloor Street Weat

Guest historical guide David M. for Bruce in the City

Article by Bruce Christopher

Edited by Mary Ellen Monk

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