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Posted by Bruce on September 08, 2016
Bruce News!

What’s cool in October?

Three great features will be returning to Bruce in the City the blog in October. First we will see the return of “Wine with Erik F” Erik Flemming takes us in his wine tasting adventures as he does the tough job of drinking vast amounts of great wine to give us his review the first Tuesday of the month. Erik will be back October 4th! Stay Tuned!

Also coming back by popular demand is Bruce’s Book Club! The first Wednesday of the month Bruce will review a book that he has picked up and during his quiet sweater time has dug deep into to expand his aging cranium.

Another super cool feature this season is Miles with Murdoch!! I know sounds amazing. Bruce will visit any location shot in Toronto and featured on Murdoch Mysteries. Give you a bit of history and some modern day photo comparisons. This should be fun and if anyone steals his idea he will hunt you down and squirt you with his hot pink water pistol.

Stay Tuned!



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