Bruce’s Bearded Book Club

Posted by Bruce on September 01, 2018
Bruce's Book Club, Check it Out!

Hey Brucesters

As you may now be aware I am taking some time off my Sunday blogging about Toronto. Still love my city but want to take some time to enjoy it as a private citizen. Many of the fun feature will still continue such as the Badass BITC Beard contest and this wonderful book club “Bruce’s Bearded Book Club”

This series will focus on my favourite author Jodi Picoult and the first novel I’m choosing is one that remains extremely relevant even now. Long after it’s release in 2007 “19 Minutes”

Please pick this compelling read up at your local bookshop or on line.

With the topic of gun control at the forefront of our social and political landscape, this look at one mans journey will leave you thinking what if.

Bruce in the City


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