Bruce’s Book Club 2013 Book #1

Hey everybody! I finally finished The Extra Man. It was painful.  I have to admit it seemed clever and witty from the start but just past half way it started dragging to a degree that I seriously wanted to poke my own eyes out.  What did I learn from this read? Don’t trust the raving reviews on the back ass of a book. It could have been wonderful but it’s constant description on crap that lead nowhere, drove me nuts. As I finished this novel tonight I exhaled and thanked the gods I never have to read this again. Hmm apparently it’s a movie now…. ah forget it!

The Extra Man

2 kisses out of 5

OK now on to the next!!!

Drum role please…………

The Cross in the Closet


Timothy Kurek

Now, my interest in this book is mixed and it has certainly had mixed reviews but I suppose that is what peeked my interest in the first place also someone near and dear to me recommended it so should you decide to read, please don’t blame me if it sucks! I can only be held responsible for what I write and not really because I’m usually drunk!

OK people you may begin!

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