Bruce’s Book Club

Posted by Admin1 on August 05, 2014
Bruce's Book Club

Hey “Brucesters”!  It’s time to flip open a new book or with some of you younger followers it’s time to download your new read! I have no idea how that works! I’m sure I will eventually move forward on that one. I mean Oprah is into it. I need to catch up but until then I will buy my reads the old way; at a bookstore with a customer service person and everything.
Of course you know last month my read of choice was “To Kill a Mocking Bird”.  In the spirit of old school I thought I would actually reach even further back and try out some Jane Austen.
If you are more of a new and trendy kind of person I highly recommend taking a walk on the vintage side and discover a writer that transformed the literary world one novel at a time. At a time when being a woman and a writer was simply unheard of.
In fact I am going to go one further and I am going to tackle Jane’s collection of masterpieces over the course of the next 6 months! I am going to start with “Sense and Sensibility”  I am really excited about this one! And kind of scared too. I understand these novels can get under your skin and change the fabric of who you are. Am I ready for such a transformation? Being of the male species am I immune to it’s spell? I guess we shall see!
If you are going to brave up and join me then I would suggest starting with a lovely movie called “Becoming Jane” starring Anne Hathaway, James McAvoy, Julie Walters, James Cromwell and the incomparable Maggie Smith.  Just to really get you in the mood.
Well I won’t keep you as I know Tuesday can be  a hectic day for everyone. It’s not yet hump day and the weekend is still a distant hope away. In the meantime grab yourself some classic Jane because before there could be J.K Rowling there had to be Jane Austen!
Ladies and Gentlemen, Sense and Sensibility.

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