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Wasn’t “Pride and Prejudice” wonderful?  What an incredible writer “Jane Austen” was!  To whirl those words like old acquaintances is just outstanding to me.  I hope you liked it as much as I did!
The next book in our Jane Austen series is non other than “Mansfield Park” written in 1814.  Wow 200 years ago!  What??!!  Now that is standing the test of time.  I have no doubt most of the ramble we send out into the cyber abyss will be long lost in space in 200 year’s from now.
I won’t regurgitate the many facts and fictions behind “Jane” the author and the woman but will say this, taking the time to go back in time has been a fabulous mind journey.
Go pick up a copy of “Mansfield Park” and join me on a journey of wit, wisdom and self discovery!
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