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Posted by Bruce on August 06, 2013
Bruce's Book Club

Well it has been a couple of months since I have posted in regards to my book club! I read a fantastic book of course called Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. It was an amazing story and was suggested by one of my readers.  It was excellent and I really enjoyed it. This unfortunately set me up for major disappointment on my next book club choice.  Now I hate to be a stick in the mud because I know this next author has a massive following but I gotta tell you, I hated her book The Casual Vacancy” I couldn’t finish it. I was shocked to because  J.K Rowling  is the newest Goddess in the literary world but for me, not this time.

I have to admit I had never read her Harry Potter claims to fame. I was a fan of the movies so I was not familiar with her writing style but I couldn’t get into it. At least for this novel. Way to descriptive. To the point of complete and utter exhaustion. I am just not a person who cares for the very and absolute detail of every walkway and curtain and hair  follicle for every single character and object on the written page. Get to the bloody point. I have people & things to do!

Oh that little rant felt so good. I hate so much that I hated this book. I think the absorbent price I paid didn’t help, $36.99 Canadian. I would love to ask J.K to send me a cheque including tax so maybe I could give her next book a try!  But unless that happens I’m not likely to pick up another torturous work from her.  I am very forgiving and I have learned never say never so who knows maybe I’ll give her another try later on. Once my disappointment dwindles and I forgive her, there is a slim chance! Just in case Ms. Rowling is an avid reader of my blog ha ha, please feel free to touch base about the refund or maybe send me your next book signed with a personal apology for ruining my morning commute to work!

I still love the “Potter” thing and oh yes I did also buy and read “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” which I thought was clever and full of magic!  Unfortunately for The Casual Vacancy, I gotta give it…. 1 kiss out of 5 because in spite of it, I still think you are fabulous!

NOW readers, it’s time to launch my next Bruce’s Book Club choice…. Drum role please……

“Finding Your own North Star” by Martha Beck!!!


It’s not just another self help, inspirational book but a knew way of looking at yourself and what defines “You”. I think I need it after that J.K Rowling episode. I’m kidding , however I have heard some wonderful things about this book and so I have begun the journey. I hope you will join me and see where it takes us!!

I will see you back here the first Tuesday in September for my review and maybe a new level of enlightenment! Enjoy!!



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