Bye bye Bruce’s Book Club!

Posted by Bruce on October 01, 2013
Bruce's Book Club

Hey guys and gals! Just to let you know I have decided to cancel my little book club! However before I do I want to give my 4 kisses out of 5 to G.C.B!!! Which was a fabulous and fun read! I’ll mark it as my last Bruce’s Book Club book! I’m just way to busy and really I hate reading! No I’m kidding but ya I do hate reading! So good bye sweet book club. You were always just a little annoying and tired!!

Of course I will keep on reading but for the joy of it. Not because it’s a blog thing! God knows I have a lot more adventure’s in the city to write about.

On that note… You will never guess what is going on regarding the Sarah Brightman nightmare!!!! I’m all a giggle. You will just have to wait until Sunday to find out!



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PS: It’s my puppy’s 2nd Birthday today! Happy Birthday Agnetha!

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