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Posted by Bruce on July 17, 2022
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I have been going to a quiet little spot in Peterborough to swim and lucky enough for me, my favourite (and in my opinion best) chip truck and burger spot in the city is very close by.

I met two wonderful people that were working and they were the sweetest folks I’ve met in a long while. A Mom and Daughter that stole my heart with their fabulous customer service, with a lot of care. They shared a very touching story with me that I will keep close in my memories, and I know I won’t ever forget them.

The food at The Cabin goes unchallenged by its competitors. People just don’t make great fries anymore. They are overcooked in old oil by chip trucks too cheap to change the frier oil regularly. It’s crap to be honest. I wouldn’t feed it to my dog. I’ve even witnessed a full garbage bag of overcooked fries thrown away by customers at one local chip truck right beside where they are paid for. Literally people take a few bites and throw them away. I’m not that big of a B.I.T.C. to name the place, but I should!

The food is prepared with a real sense of the great summer BBQ season. Their fries are to die for, light and flavourful. The burgers are mouth-watering. The poutine? Well, it’s just completely sinful!!! The only thing heartbreaking about the place is that they are only open from late spring to the fall. Get there while you can and if you see these two lovely women tell them Bruce in the City sent you!!

“The Cabin at Trent is conveniently nestled along the Rotary Greenway Trail; a stone‚Äôs throw away from Trent University. Come relax on our deck and enjoy some delicious, fresh cut fries and juicy burgers, made to order. Overlooking the Otonabee River, The Cabin at Trent is the perfect place for a pit stop on the way to cottage country or after a day spent on the trails.” (The Owners) I couldn’t have said it better myself!

“Connected by the Rotary Greenway Trail, our sister cabin is located next to Beavermead Park. What better way to end a long day at the beach than snacks at The Cabin at Beavermead? Had a long day on the field? We can help you refuel between soccer matches with an item from our Healthy Choices menu. Drop in anytime, our food speaks for itself!” (The Owners)

Thanks, ladies, for the wonderful experience. The owners are lucky to have you. Keep bringing joy!

Ten out of Ten!!

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Marty Rye

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