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Posted by Admin1 on April 16, 2017
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As promised, my search for the best Caesar in the city continues.  A buddy of mine said this was just an excuse to drink and well hell, maybe he’s right, but I figure I have so few crutches I can afford at least one.  Well, aside from my obsessive compulsive issues I’m practically perfect.  Therefore the Caesar search continues.

We decided to do some cruising of Yonge Street and find a little place to have a coffee.  Well that was kind of his plan but my sights were aimed a little bit more on the spicy side.

We strolled Church St. first, a place I spend too much time blogging about apparently.  That’s his opinion anyway.  He’s probably right.  There are so many areas in the city I have yet to discover.  He seems to know his way around.  Maybe I’ll probe him for some other places to uncover.

This is the time of year when all the shops and stores are way too damn hot because they have yet to turn their heaters off so his hope to find a great coffee was sidelined in order to find something cooler.

That was the perfect opportunity for me to suggest a cold one.  No I don’t think that’s being manipulative.  I think it’s being wonderfully flexible.  I pointed out a bistro and bar called The Brownstone which threw me right back to when I first moved to Toronto. An ex and I stopped in there a few times for drinks when it was under different management. He was one of my biggest mistakes but I knew having a Caesar with my newest friend wouldn’t be. I couldn’t recall how good their Caesars were so this would be fun.

The term Brownstone always reminds me also of my one and only visit to New York City, so far anyway.  That city has some of the most beautiful brownstones.  Hey, did I ever tell you about that time in New York when I strolled upon Sarah Jessica Parkers brownstone?  Well I’ll save that story for another time.

Anyway we went inside.  He always seems to hold the door for me.  I find that most impressive.  Manners are a lost art in this town.

Of course we get seated right in the window.  A spot I normally enjoy but today the sun was beating in and this just wasn’t working for me. Without skipping a beat my friend asked the waiter to move us. How thoughtful.

Cocktails were ordered and the fierce judging was about to begin.  Well, actually not really that fierce.  We chatted about a hookah thing he bought that I knew (and still know) very little about and we discussed a big day he has coming up in his life. People always seem to be having these big days lately. Actually a lot of my friends are having children. I was thinking of something a little more practical for me. Like a Goldfish.

So the Brownstone Caesar… Not so fabulous.  I decided to give them another shot at the can.  I mentioned my little Caesar experiment.  He, the waiter, was very cute so I was almost willing to forget about that crappy old Caesar.  I mentioned my disappointment and to my surprise he returned with a much more swallow worthy cocktail.  This second one had all the trimmings and I have to admit it was delicious!  Was it the best Caesar so far on my Caesar journey?  Well that remains to be seen.

One things for sure this week’s blog should be evicted for using the word Caesar excessively.  I’m sorry I love Caesars and Caesars love me.  Well I listened to some of my buds wedding plans and I thought how odd it was that after 11 years in my relationship, I still wasn’t. Cute place by the way.  Very chill. You should stop by sometime for one of those spicy libations.

The Brownstone Bistro

3 kisses out of 5


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