Caesars at The Opera House

Posted by Bruce on June 11, 2017
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Wow! What a month it has been! From my ridiculous crush to the rubbing of shoulders with people truly deserving of my affection! I have to admit, having a chance to chat with different artists, be them songwriters, actors or those who grace the theater, I can’t begin to tell you how inspired I find myself after I have been in their presence. It is not easy being out there giving the world something so personal like your own talents. I was pondering this as I sat at a hip and iconic pub called The Opera House. Of course it shares its name with one of the most iconic concert venues in the city. Built in a time when live performance and music worship were at an all time high. The Opera House is one of the city’s most historic performing venues, opening in 1909. It has also been a cinema and a live theatre venue. I sat pondering the great acts that must have graced that stage and stories it could tell if those walls could speak. I ordered myself a Caesar and a club sandwich seemed to be a good idea too. The pub was filled with patrons dressed in their stylish yet bohemian threads. A vibe of yesteryear with the speed of the day. My Caesar was great; garnished to the nines and the perfect balance of spice. It was at that moment I decided that it was the Caesars of Caesars in Toronto!!! I’d been looking for the best Caesar in the city and just when I wasn’t even thinking about it, there it was in all its garnished glory. The sun was shining but it was still a little cool on that Opera House patio but the Caesars were sizzling!

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