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Posted by Bruce on February 17, 2013

I love the city on Valentine’s Day!  The city is glowing red in all the decor fit for a strawberry field.  Romance is in the air and hearts of plenty are hanging in every local shop and cafe window.  The music that floats out of open doors reminds us that if we have not found love, that maybe today of all days, love will find us.  Valentine’s Day is one of a very few holidays anymore that doesn’t cause some sort of political or religious upheaval.  I guess because most people have very little knowledge of it’s origin.  As the planet would have it however there are places around the world that do object to this day of love.  I’m not here to pass my opinion on this fact but your welcome to investigate it more for yourself (Iran, Malaysia,  Pakistan, Saudi Arabia)

The day was filled with appointments.  I had to be at Yonge and College for 10:30 am.  I love that part of Yonge Street because of the big “Winners” that is right on the south west corner and “Frans Eatery” just west of the north west corner.  I have enjoyed both places on many occasions over my past eight years in Toronto.  This day was not unlike these other little visits.  I offered to take John’s mom to her doctors appointment. I figured since she had no Valentine of her own why not use the opportunity to take her to Franz and then Winners after her appointment.

The food of course was wonderful and even with Alice’s lighter appetite, she managed to eat almost her entire breakfast. We had a few laughs and even a little bit of gossip about the obnoxious lady at the table beside us.  I could almost see the young woman in her face as she enjoyed watching the strange people pass outside the window. We don’t always see eye to eye but it was wonderful to see this little hobby in common with us both.  Maybe we are more similar than I thought.  The hard part is with her dementia she may forget this wonderful time we shared together.  I’m glad I got some pictures so I can remind her about it on a later date.

As we took our quiet cab ride home I couldn’t help but reflect on my week.  It was a week of wide eye openings.  Needless to say I needed to take my partner and I to a place where we felt the comfort of our community and of home. I decided to take him to California “Cafe California” One of our first places he took me to show me off.  I remember how excited he was we were together.  He took me to meet Leticia the cafe owner and I recall his face as he introduced me.  Well, with all the stress we have been under lately I just wanted a moment to feel that young love again.

The cafe was stunning. Hearts and bows and perfect lighting.  The music was classic love songs thanks to the 80’s  and the menu was a special Valentine menu.  Our three courses felt like a lifetime as we slowed ourselves to breath.  Of course Leticia was there and stopped by our table to wish us love and happiness.  It was a lovely time.  It felt wonderful to be in an environment where we felt accepted and celebrated.  After eight years it is wonderful to have a place in the city we can call home.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Dear!


Joni Mitchell



5 kisses out of 5

Cafe California

5 kisses out of 5

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