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Posted by Bruce on August 21, 2022
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Ever have one of those Sundays where your friends are busy and you’re doing way too much thinking for one person? I was so beside myself I actually thought for a split second I was going to give up on this blog. Thanks to my editor, I changed my mind.

Did I mention “single as he gets”? It’s when I realized I have had a relationship for many years, food. I love food. I just want to try everything at least on this side of the planet. Even better, there is a really great restaurant I decided to go to so spend some quality time with myself.

It’s called Capra Toro, in the heart of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. The décor is really charming and the food is told to be exceptional, so I thought “why not give it a shot?” I was seated on the back patio. Following a lovely lit side road next to the restaurant, I made my way to my seat.

I ordered a Caesar, which is made with their very own spicy mix. I have to be honest I didn’t love it. However, it wasn’t because it was bad, just not to my liking. I’ll be sure to order my Caesar differently next time. My server was lovely. I wish I got her name. I thought the patio lighting was well done and actually quite romantic. Awe romance! Sighs the single guy!

I decided on the chicken parmesan with spaghetti. Now, I gotta say I do have a favourite chicken parmesan dish at a restaurant in Oshawa. I wanted to see how this one held up. The spaghetti, which is served in a tangy pomodoro sauce, was refreshing. I was really impressed with the pasta that had been prepared al dante. So many places overcook the pasta and it’s so disappointing. 

My chicken parmesan was served crisply, breaded with another red sauce, and covered in cheese and parmesan. The breading was light and the chicken perfectly cooked; tender and moist. The tomato mix also garnishing the chicken parm was fresh and lifted the dish perfectly. It reminded me of a bruschetta mix, but made with lighter flavours. As I enjoyed my dinner, the music was fabulous. Soul music from the 50’s played in the background. An older couple next to me enjoyed some wine and fettuccini alfredo.  They were cute. The patrons were a mixed group of young couples and lovers. I was the only guy going solo. Story of my life lol.

I would definitely recommend checking this place out. I feel it’s a highlight for the city and the downtown which really needs people to support local business. Fuck the shopping malls and big chain restaurants!! Get some real local culture and walk the beat in downtown Peterborough.

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