Carried away….

Posted by Admin1 on July 17, 2011
Star Moments

  I am one lucky S.O.B and am so fortunate to work in an industry that allows me the great opportunity of meeting some of the biggest stars from around the globe.  I don’t talk about it much but of course there is a time and place when a little idol worship is appropriate.

At one point I was keeping a list of the stars I had met.  Let’s see, Sarah Brightman, Christopher Plummer, Courtney Cox, Elton John, Patti Labelle, Eric McCormick, Sheryl Crow and so many others.

This past week I had the joy of sharing a few minutes with a “Princess”.  The music sounded in my head on setting my eyes on her. Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da!!!!!!!!  (sang in the theme of Star Wars!)  It was the one and only Ms. Carrie Fisher! (Princess Leia Star Wars Trilogy) OK sit down boys. The Return of the Jedi ensemble has landed!  She was dressed all in black. Enjoying some down time from her one woman show “Wishful Drinking”.  Making it’s Canadian premiere here in Toronto.  I just wanted to be as cool as she at that moment but I was star struck.  She wore casual from head to toe.  Some stock guy was trying to get my attention and I was like Hell to the No you don’t! I am in the presence of Hollywood royalty! The only other Carrie I love this much is Carrie Bradshaw and that feline doesn’t even exist!  Ms. Fisher wore a small black hat and comfortable shoes.  She smoked a little none smoke contraption thingy. She reminded me of one of those cool poets that used to grace Yorkville back in the 60’s.  Her eyes were curious and full of wit.  It wasn’t difficult to see why she has casted a spell on a generation of men and women alike.

My conversation with Ms. Fisher was short and sweet and will remain private but I will say she was everything you would hope for in a star as iconic as she.  I definitely got Carried away.

 Carrie Fisher Info

1977 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Princess Leia Organa
1977 Come Back, Little Sheba Marie TV movie
1978 Ringo Marquine TV movie
1978 Leave Yesterday Behind Marnie Clarkson TV movie
1978 Star Wars Holiday Special, TheThe Star Wars Holiday Special Princess Leia Organa TV movie
1980 Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Princess Leia Organa
1980 Blues Brothers, TheThe Blues Brothers Mystery Woman
1981 Under the Rainbow Annie Clark

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  • Hi Bruce – I have read a couple of your blogs and enjoyed them. So I am curious – where exactly do you work? I liked your blog on the city. I love downtown Toronto and having grown up there have strolled down Yonge St. many times after dark. It is enchanting is it not? Remember walking the street with Chrisitne at like 2 to 4 in the morning while she was in labour with Carley. The labour kept stopping so we were trying to keep it going. Didn’t work but we had some good walks. Amazing how many people are still out and about all night long in the downtown area.

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