Catch Ya Later

I have been working at my shop for just about three years now and have been loving it and all the people I hired. We’ve had the best time but just like every good thing, like the seasons, it is all about to change. My travel to work daily is just over an hour but still difficult to make decisions to move because I’ve made some wonderful acquaintances and friends. I was just north of Lawrence Ave and the community there is amazing. The people in this neighborhood have such a wonderfully friendly, small town hospitality. I know we will both miss each other.

I was even invited to some local get togethers during my time at the shop which were so lovely. I won’t ever forget them. My team was so great too. I hired all of them. They were awesome if I do say so myself and I hope they continue to be their fabulous selves.

I loved the area too. I frequented many shops during my stay. I wrote about a few of them. The Abbott was one of my favourite watering holes. The ladies there were so wonderful. They do make some fabulous Caesars that is for sure! The head bartender is pretty cool too and has an Elvis/Blue Rodeo look about him and he’s funny.

Oh, and Bobbette & Belle! They had the best treats. Did I write about them? I’ve written about so many places I can’t keep track. I really liked the one manager that unfortunately left. She was very outgoing but I don’t think she was very happy. Retail places have a mad record of being able to hold onto good people. Of course I’m only guessing but I’m usually correct about these things. I’ve been around and back baby!

Don’t even get me started on Yonge Street Sushi! Super slow service but their sushi is fabulous. I went there way too many times. I will miss their terrible service and their great sushi! Okay, maybe they weren’t that bad but ya they were not great at customer service. But let’s keep our eyes on the sushi shall we!?

I have to give a shout out to a few other places that knocked my sox off while working in the neighborhood. The Sushi Bar, Aroma Espresso Bar, McCoy Burger (from my home town of Oshawa), The Friendly Butcher (Cute guys slapping meat on a patio grill? Hello!), Salt Cave, Patisserie Sebastian, Pistachio, Valentina’s Body Bakery!! All fabulous places to try out when in the Lawrence Village!!

Do you remember growing up with your local corner store? Well the family that runs the corner store just up the street from my shop are so great. I mean they never gave me a break on a nickel but who can blame them. Money makes the world go around. They did give me some flowers once. That was very sweet. Toronto is such a cold ass city! It’s so nice to make a friend or two along the way. Okay “friend” might be pushing it, but at the very least politeness does go a long way in this burnt toast town.

My clients were the best, which truly makes it so difficult to go. Everyone, for the most part, was just as sweet as anything. It’s truly not easy to go. But you know when your customers are closer to you than your own friends are, it’s important to make some healthy work life balance decisions.

Plus, I’m super excited to get to meet all the new people and the store itself is busier, and you all know how I need to keep myself busy. A good business move I think. Personal happiness and some healthy challenges? It’s a good thing. With being closer to home too I’ll be able to get out to more fabulous places to write about.

Well everyone I knew, and even some that relationships will continue, it was amazing serving you these past several years. I’ll miss you guys and hope we bump into each other again.


Editor Mary Ellen Monk

Thoughts from the Editor: Good luck on your new adventure! Are you close enough now to walk to work? I know you are on the weight loss journey, just like the rest of us, so wondered if extra walking to work might help. I walk 4-5 kms every day on my lunch hour. It’s the only free time I get away from my boys because they are in school, so I take advantage of it.

Love you!


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