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Bruce’s Book Club December

Hey Brucesters! Its that time of month again! Book Club time! My latest book club choice! #jodipicoult #thetenthcircle This read will last two weeks as there will be two books chosen to wrap up our Jodi Picoult tribute! B.I.T.C

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Inspiration Point part 2

Hey Brucesters! Before I get started this week. I wanted to first wish everyone a Happy Easter! And now As promised part two of Inspiration Point, my blog on Ruth Mead Author and Finance Exec who has inspired many in…

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Bruce’s Book Club

Okay B.I.T.C’s it’s time for another Bruce Club book choice… (say that 10 times) for June. What better way to get a hump day humping but to get your read on. I finished the Story of Charlottes Web the biography…

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Bruce’s Book Club! The Casual Vacancy by J.K Rowling

Hello again! Well my blog my rules! I have decided to give you my take on the book I just finished and announce the next book, now instead of waiting until Tuesday! Hey life is short why waste a whole…

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Extra extra read all about it!

Well I gotta tell you, I loved my last book club read! “The cross in the closet” was fantastic.  There were moments when, as I read, I wasn’t sure I liked what Tim was doing but as he led me…

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Ok! I’m not quite done!!!! I’m reading like a mad man! I will be finished Rebecca by next Tuesday. Just in time to announce the next book! XO B.

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Stunning! Fabulous! And Rested!

Wow is August over already? I just want to say welcome back and I am so pumped about being back in your box’s. My August was crazy, insane and taking the month off, though I missed you, was a really…

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Life With Tea

Sometimes I just love getting up on a day I have nothing to do and I hop on the TTC and head somewhere. Anywhere. No plan. I just go and see where I end up.  It’s amazing how much you…

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