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This Coming Sunday!

Just in time for the Toronto Santa Claus Parade, Bruce releases his Top Ten Christmas shopping destinations in The 6! Stay tuned! B.I.T.C

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Time to Say Goodbye (for now)

A Time to Say Good bye (for a while) It’s hard to believe I’ve been writing my blog, Bruce in the City, since 2010. It literally blows my mind how intensely time rockets by. I love writing so much and…

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Bruce News!

Join my instagram today and say hello! @bruceinthecity Bruce in the City

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Bruce News! Holiday update

Hey Brucesters and B.I.T.C’s! Whats the Buzz? Looks like I’m not taking August off as I originally planned! There’s just too much stuff I want to write about! One in particular is an artist who’s music has literally blown my…

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Bruce News!

Hey Brucesters! I just wanted to thank Erik Fleming and Sarah Germani for all of their wonderful contributions to my blog. Wine with Erik and Journey with Germani were such fun! As Bruce in the City ebbs and flows segments…

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Bruce News!!!!!

The BJ Cinema… Our Reviews Will Blow You Away! I’m very enthusiastic to announce a paring not seen since the days of Siskel & Ebert! The BJ Cinema! Films in review and preview. The first and third week (Monday) of…

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2018 at a Glance!

Hey Bruce in the City readers! Christmas is just around the corner isn’t it?!? I still get excited about the whole thing even though for the most part I’m always longing for what it was, than is. I got a…

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