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Bruce’s Book Club December

Hey Brucesters! Its that time of month again! Book Club time! My latest book club choice! #jodipicoult #thetenthcircle This read will last two weeks as there will be two books chosen to wrap up our Jodi Picoult tribute! www.bruceinthecity.com B.I.T.C

Bruce’s Book Club

Brucesters! Its Book Club time again! Jodi Picoult is my author of choice. The third novel in this book series is Lone Wolf! Compelling and twisting! Follow the journey of a father and his relationship with a pack beyond his own.  Bruce in the City

Bruce’s book club

Hey Brucesters I hope all my Canadian readers had an amazing Thanksgiving this past weekend! Also those who are friends of democracy to the south, I hope your Columbus Day was Columbusy! As promised my book club continues as I enjoy a sabbatical from my weekly blog about my fabulous city each Sunday. I’ll be […]

Bruce’s Bearded Book Club

Hey Brucesters As you may now be aware I am taking some time off my Sunday blogging about Toronto. Still love my city but want to take some time to enjoy it as a private citizen. Many of the fun feature will still continue such as the Badass BITC Beard contest and this wonderful book […]

Bruce’s Book Club

Okay B.I.T.C’s it’s time for another Bruce Club book choice… (say that 10 times) for June. What better way to get a hump day humping but to get your read on. I finished the Story of Charlottes Web the biography on E.B White. It was a wonderful read and I hope you all enjoyed it […]

Bruce’s Book Club!!!

Hey Gang! Here is my book club choice for the month of May!!! The Story of Charlotte’s Web E.B White’s Eccentric Life in Nature & the Birth of an American Classic! by Michael Sims B.I.T.C    

Bruce’s Book Club

I really hope you got to read my last book club pick. It was Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult. She always delivers and I’m sure if you picked it up you would not have been disappointed. What a twist of a tale. I loved it. I’ve decided the next book I am going to enjoy […]

Bruce’s Book Club

Wow we finally got through the Jane Austen marathon! It’s pretty hard to believe. I have to say I really enjoyed it. I hope you all did to. No it’s time to change it up. I was checking out some books at a local shop over January and found a book and it’s title caught my attention. […]

Bruce’s Book Club!

Well it’s starting to feel like the year is underway and with it comes my book club! To be honest I would really like to get a little book club going with some people in person. I think it could be relaxing and mind expanding. Until I explore that possibility I am happy to continue […]

Bruce’s Book Club

I have been working my way through the Jane Austen novels and I can honestly say I’m exhausted.  Don’t get me wrong I am seriously enjoying them, however I am looking forward to getting back into modern times.  Emma of course, was fascinating and heart warming.  Heart wrenching too really. Now on to Northanger Abby! Wish […]