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What’s Going On?

Posted by Admin1 on June 26, 2022
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Welcome Back Brucesters!

Let me reintroduce myself to you. I’m simply Bruce. The creator of this blog which has been online for over ten years. I’ve covered a variety of topics including: celebrity interviews, restaurant reviews, current events and, of course, the monthly beard contest. I’ve got some great surprises in store, and one project in particular that I think will rock your world! I’ll leave that to your imagination for the moment. It’s been some time since I have written my blog and it feels like the world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Before I get started, I’d like to first say that I have the utmost respect for the first responders who have been working tirelessly through this pandemic, but I can’t help but wonder what is going on in our emergency rooms across the province of Ontario. Even before the pandemic everyday people have been speaking out about their experiences at their local hospitals. Amuse me for a moment as I share one such story. A friend of mine recently shared his experience with me and I’d like to share it with you.

It was June 15th, 2022 at 10:30pm, and my friend was in need of medical attention so he got a Y Ride and got himself over to his local emergency department. When he arrived, he noticed it wasn’t overly busy but there were a few ahead of him. They took his blood and checked all the vitals and concluded he was in no threat of immediate danger, and so he took a seat in the waiting room. Now we all expect to wait when it comes to waiting rooms but what he experienced in my opinion….was intolerable.

He was concerned by the general attitude of the nurses. They were rude. They were hanging out as though around the work water fountain. Laughing it up and blathering away, not just about any old subject but about clients that were either already inside or waiting in the waiting room. They seem to pay no mind that people in distress, at whatever level, were in ear shot of their conversations. The air about them was that of privilege, my friend recalled to me. Like the people waiting for help were unimportant slabs of meat. Don’t bother us – we are busy leaning. My friend heard them making fun of patients. My friend heard a lot. He heard a lot because he was there for many hours. Many hours, and saw few actually get access into the hospital for care after their initial check in.

After a few inquiries about how long he would be possibly waiting he was told the day crew gets there at 8am. He sat back down and observed. I recall him telling me about and elderly woman who was cold and requested a blanket at least four times from the nurses on duty but no blanket ever came. He overheard a nurse talking with a co-worker listing off things that were needed to get done. One he hoped was the blanket for the cold elderly woman. The nurse just shrugged off her list and said she’d do it later. The other nurse laughed and they continued to chat away about their own personal affairs while patients waited in their own personal agonies. My friend waited long enough and went to get the woman a blanket, at the disapproval of the on-duty nurses. He said they were very rude to him from the onset. From the moment he opened his mouth. Did they just have a long stressful day? Were they hungry? Did my friend in his distress offend them in some way? Unanswered questions.

He continued to wait, and watch, and listen. Not that he had a choice; the nurses were chatting it up quite loudly. He heard them mocking patients. At one point a gentleman was unable to walk into the emergency room and no one paid him any mind. My friend looked for a wheelchair but there were none to be found so the fellow made his way to the check-in with great discomfort.

My friend just shook his head and wonder what was going on. Is this our healthcare at its finest? This is Canada for Gods sakes. Surely, we can do better than this. My friend is not from Canada. In fact, he is from a third-world country and has never been treated so haphazardly, or seen others in the waiting room treated the same way as well.

After waiting for roughly three hours my friend was informed that he would not be seeing anyone until the day crew showed up at 8am. It was three am. Not a busy waiting room. No patients coming out. A select few going in. Apparently, there were no beds because they were filled with the homeless who were on drugs. Not his words but theirs. His wait would be another four plus hours. He decided he would be better off at home then to sit there and compound his distress with an incompetent staff.

When he arrived home, he got in touch with me. I wanted to know for myself what was going on so I called the hospital. I had a few questions for them. When I was transferred to the emergency, keeping in mind how sensitive time is there, I quickly asked a few questions. If I came in right now for help how long would my wait be. The person on the phone quickly said eight hours. I asked why so log. The answer I got was because the day crew comes in at eight am. I asked what about the night staff. Isn’t there anyone there to help the people that come in at night? She became slightly annoyed and I would even say nervous and asked why am I asking these questions. I asked how many Doctors were on shift. She asked why. I said because I want to know who’s actually there helping those in need. She replied one Doctor. One Doctor for all of Peterborough and surrounding area? She simply said yes. I thanked her for her time and let her get back visiting her few co-workers who were “manning the fort”.

I had to wonder what exactly these nurses do if they know there is only one Doctor in the house. The logical math doesn’t even add up. Next to no one was getting help that night with such a draught on Doctors. Where are the Doctors? Why don’t they just be honest and tell the truth to people when they come in for help? Then one could make a rational decision to go die in the bushes. It’s no wonder their laughing when patients complain. It’s not their problem. There are no Doctors. Have the hospitals blown the budget? Do we have a lack of health care workers to schedule into shifts. What is going on?

A lot of these questions you may have asked yourself when you find your waiting for hours in the hospital. I’m certainly not here to dump on the hard-working people in them but this isn’t just an “I’m waiting too long” story. This is truly unacceptable. Would my mother have gotten treated this way? Would your husband be left for dead with only one Doctor on duty and ignorant, incompetent staff chilling at the water fountain. I’ve lived in Ontario, Canada for 51 years. I’ve never seen disarray like I have personally experienced in our hospitals. Who takes the blame here? I reached out to several offices within the hospital looking for some answers but no one returned my call.

I don’t have the answers but I’m doing my best to understand what is going on. I’m well aware of the crisis in our health care system but does that excuse poor accountability from staff? The truth is my friend and the patients from the night of June 15th from 10:30pm to 3:00am were treated with little care and a lack of dignity. Has the system become so broken that indifference is an acceptable behavior to manifest?


Author: Bruce Christopher

Editor: Marty Rye

Peterborough Regional Health Centre

Brace Yourself

Posted by Admin1 on June 21, 2022
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All New Content Coming soon!!

Panda Feeds Canada The Interview with Andrew Parnell

Posted by Admin1 on April 19, 2021
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It’s been a while since I wrote on my blog. During this time of covid it has been difficult to get out there and write about the people and places that I love but one amazing guy has inspired me to write to you today. He is doing some amazing things for people struggling with hunger. Im excited to introduce to you today, in this exclusive interview, Andrew Pandabear Parnell.


Bruce: Welcome to my blog Andrew. Before we get started why don’t you tell everyone who you are.

Andrew: My name is Andrew Parnell and I’m just your average guy. I get up Monday through Friday and go to work. I work in construction and I enjoy my job most days! Ive always been one to try and help those around me anyway I can. I know I am this way because, I was very fortunate to be raised in such a loving and caring family. I was always taught to respect others and help one another. Anyways, long story short… Now I’m on a mission to make as big of an impact as I possibly can to help others!

Bruce: What is Panda Feeds Canada?

Andrew: @PandaFeedsCanada… (instagram) Panda Feeds Canada is social media platform dedicated to helping Canadians suffering from food insecurity! It’s s crazy to think that 1 in 7 Canadians are going hungry every day. It is even harder to imagine that 1 in 6 children under the age of 18 are suffering from food insecurity. And this number is actually closer to 1 in 5 due to the Covid Pandemic!Here at PFC I plan on creating a movement that will gain enough traction to attract big name companies into sponsoring us! Once I get to that point all revenue generated through social media will be donated to food banks across Canada! A FOLLOW FEEDS A TUMMY! 

Bruce: Who are your inspiration?

Andrew: My inspiration first and foremost is my amazing parents! Donald and Lesley Parnell are a major part of Peterborough History!The amount of volunteer work they have done for the city over the years is deserving of another 3 or 4 articles itself! They are for sure the reason I am who I am today and a major factor behind me starting this movement.And besides that. Ive just seen seen so many things in my life that have made me sick to my stomach. Thinking how its possible that we live in the greatest country in the world yet there is still little kids who are going hungry for multiple reasons.. All of which are out of their control.  I have seen many people suffering from food insecurity, for many different reasons. I just wanna help those in need. I don’t know what it’s like to be truly truly hungry… I have been hungry before, but I knew there was a meal waiting for me very soon. 1 in 6 Children don’t have that luxury.I wanna change the world and feed everyone! But I gotta take care of helping my homeland first!

Bruce: That’s amazing! What is your ultimate goal with Panda Feeds Canada?

Andrew: My ULTIMATE goal is to put a good dent in the food insecurity statistics here in Canada! Unfortunately people will always suffer from food insecurity for many different reasons. But I hope to make monolithic impact on this!Eventually I envision Panda Feeds Canada being a nation wide, recognized breakfast program in schools across Canada. Ensuring that at least every child attending school will not be going hungry. I know this already in place in most places. But it needs to be more recognizable and it needs a new face! Its time for a change. And I wanna be the reason for that change!!

Bruce: please share your successes with us.

Andrew: My successes to date are pretty good and far beyond where expected to be after only 50 days… Almost 1800 followers on Instagram and well over 2000 combined on all social media platforms.I have helped to inspire people to donate over $2800 to local food banks!I have handed out over 1000 paper bags for people to donate non perishables in store. I was part of a promotion involving The Kawartha Food Share and, The Real Canadian Superstore. For every 50 “Panda Feeds Canada” donated in store. Loblaws would donate a $100 dollar Gift Card to the Kawartha Food Share.Well I stood out there for 3 weekends handing out bags out to people and I even wore a Panda Suit I bought off of Amazon! In total I helped to raise over 11600 LBS of food and $1000 in Gift Cards for the Kawartha Food Share.I’m just getting started here at PFC and I would love to have all the support I can get just simply by following my platform on any and all social media! @pandafeedscanda on Instagram is a great start.

Bruce: One can never be truly successful alone. Who would you like to thank for your success?

Andrew: Right now I would like to thank my incredible woman, Sara is so amazing and always so supportive of my goals and ideas. I am very fortunate to have met someone so special. So excited for what me and her going to achieve together. Knowing I have someone like that on my side really helps me to focus on Panda Feeds Canada. And I would also like to thank my family for always being there for me! Some people say it’s silly when people say that… But the reality of it is, that a lot of people do not have the luxury of saying that. The world isn’t always as nice as people think it is, and in the same breath.. It isn’t always as dark and cold as some may make it seem! I would also like to thank all of my closest friends who have helped to teach me so many life lessons and help one another along the way! We have always been one of the most respectful and kind all around friend groups I have ever seen! Not a bad thing to say about anyone of them! You all know who you are and I love all of you very much! Thanks for everything!

Bruce: What does the future look like for your incredible organization?

Andrew: In the future I see Panda Feeds Canada being a nationally recognized name that is helping to end food Insecurity in Canada.I also see Panda Feeds Canada being in schools across Canada as a breakfast or all around food program! Ensuring that at least children who are attending school have access to at least 1 or 2 meals a day!I have so many amazing plans for this movement going forward and I can’t wait to see how big of an impact I will make! How big of an impact we can all make as a community… as a nation! 

Bruce: How can everyone get involved?

Andrew: People can get involved for nothing and make a big impact! Simply by following @pandafeedscanada on Instagram Or Panda Feeds Canada on Facebook and tiktokOr pandafeedsCA on Twitter 
If you want to have an even bigger Impact. You can make a donation to your local food bank. And I would love if you let me know you’ve made a donation so I can post it to my wall and help grow my page!It really is a ripple effect! As more people donate. More people will take note and do the same! Once I grow even more this will be a great way for small businesses to get some attention simply by making a donation!
As I grow even bigger I will be looking for some brand ambassadors who are willing to help in the distribution of Panda Feeds Canada Bags and who will help to grow my following on Social Media!!

Bruce: Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me. What you are doing is badass. Any final thoughts before you get back out there?

Andrew: Most of you reading this are probably already amazing people!So all I can say is just continue to be nice and kind.We will all live in peace as long as we respect one another🐼💜 Please do take a moment to hit the follow buttons on social media!It would mean a lot to me… But it would mean a lot more to them!!

Bruce: Thank you so much Andrew and keep up the amazing work.

Bruce in the City

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Thought I’d Drop In

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Well, here we are. In lockdown. Pandemic totally horrific. I haven’t written in several weeks. I’m basically on hiatus but I just needed to say hello. From sitting at home all the time I’m just going stir crazy over here. I’m watching reruns of Sex and the City and I find myself dreaming about how the world used to be pre COVID-19. Between RuPaul’s Drag Race episodes and waiting patiently for the next season of Animal Kingdom on Netflix, I basically spend my days trying to keep my shit together. I’m no stranger to panic attacks and depression, but now it seems that’s literally my baseline now in supersonic speed. With all this downtime I guess all I can say is stay strong and go the course. I’m not the best at advice regarding this terrible time but I just wanted to say my heart goes to everyone who has suffered loss. Stay strong, we will get there. 

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

Beard Champion 2020

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Alex, you kicked ass and won the Beard of the Month contest! Not easy to do when you are the beard of December!! You got a lot of love from your friends and fans!! You are now the official Beard Ambassador for 2021!! Lets hope this new year will be peace health and the end of Covid. You can follow this badass on his official Instagram @pittyboss Check him out and his amazing beard today!

Happy New Year!

Bruce in the City

Editor Martin Rye

Beard of December

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I have my own detailing business called the manly detail LLC.
I have my own beard oil I hand craft called Buck’d Up & bearded company.
I am a union electrical worker.
I’m married with a wonderful pit bull named Bambino
I am all about fitness and health, wood working and working on automobiles. @pittyboss instagram

With our final beard contestant for 2020 now posted the contest gets even harder. Vote now on my official instagram @bruceinthecity

Contest ends December 31st! Winner will be announced Jan 1st 2021. Vote for our latest beard on my Instagram!!!

Bruce in the City

Coming December 1st

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Our last Beard of the year!!!!

Stay tuned!

Beard of November

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Hey Brucesters!

I hope you all had a spooky and safe Halloween. I love Halloween and though I’m laying low at this time. I certainly watched my share of Halloween classics.

As you know I’ve taken a break from writing reviews and interviews for now but out of fairness to my fellow beards my beard contest will continue until the end of the year. Its my favorite time of month! Here is our badass Beard of November!! This is sexy man John! Go vote on my official instagram @bruceinthecity

instagram JONO

Author Bruce Christopher

Editor Martin Rye

The monthly Beard Contest

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Hi Brucesters

The Monthly Beard Contest will continue while im on my leave from my blog. Stay tuned for Beard of November on the first of the month!