Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest December

Posted by Bruce on December 08, 2018
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I hope over the past year every one of my readers have enjoyed my Beard contest. I will be wrapping up this contest at years end. I’m going to miss it to but I will be replacing it with a monthly Spotlight on one bearded fellow I follow @bruceinthecity Instagram account. This person will not only be chosen for their Badass beard but for inspiring others through charity or personal story of strength and resilience! The beard feature will get a new name and I’m really excited to begin my search for the twelve bearded men who will inspire us all in 2019! Of course you will get a chance to vote for them and at the end of the year 2019 a Champion will be chosen to be ambassador for one year!

If you’re wondering where my inspiration comes from with regards to this new blog segment check out this weeks Bearded fellow and get inspired!

Ladies & Gents this is Harry!

facts about me

I am married to my beautiful best friend for almost 20 years & we share 3 children as well as love for new people & adventures!

I am a hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsmen. I find my solitude in the woods.

I make handmade knives, it’s a passion and I also use any fund earned to go towards paying medical bills and saving for a surgery.

I am a cancer fighter & survivor. I was diagnosed at 26 with an in curable rare cancer Multi-System LCH and have fought some big battles along the way. I was then diagnosed with a second cancer Adrenal Cancer 4 years ago and told to make my peace, but here I stand today before you a warrior who will never give in.
I believe we each are given our cross to bare and no matter what this life is precious and worth the journey.

I have always had some type of beard only shaving my full face 2 times , 1 the wife said she had to see ha! 2 for surgery. My beard is as much a part of me as my hands. And love the brotherhood it’s brought in my life.

Thank you Harry! If this doesn’t put a fire under your ass to get up and honour your life then I have no idea what will. As this Holiday season rolls on embrace your own challenges and as Harry reminded us, all of us must be the warriors of our own beautiful life!

Bruce in the City

December Beard Contest!

Posted by Bruce on December 01, 2018
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Hard to believe the beard contest is coming to a close at the end of the month but before it wraps up I’ve got a few more beard competitors to bring your way.

The first beard contestant for December is a pretty impressive one!

He wasn’t much of a talker but with a beard like that not many words are needed! Am I right!

This is is Jari!

5 fun facts? I remember one but it is not fun, just geeky. I havd read LOTR 23 times.


Next year the beard contest will be replaced with a monthly bearded feature! A bearded fellow hand chosen from Instagram will be featured right here on my blog! 12 months! 12 beards! To be voted on to be chosen as Badass Beard Embassador for the entire year! Don’t forget to vote for any competitor from this years contest. A grand champion will be chosen from the highest vote tally!

Head on over to my official Instagram to vote for this weeks Beard and other monthly winners for the coveted spot as Badass Beard Embassador! @bruceinthecity Instagram

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And the Badass Beard for November is…

Posted by Bruce on November 30, 2018
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He has over 40 votes and killed the other competitors! 

Who will be our first beard competitor for December?

Stay tuned for my post right here tomorrow!

Bruce in the City

It’s Beard Time

Posted by Bruce on November 24, 2018
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This weeks Beard contestant come all the way from Moscow. From what I can tell this bearded fellow is certainly badass! Let’s meet our next bearded fellow. Shall we….? Vote now by heading over to my official IG account @bruceinthecity and hit the heart on his bio and his pic. You’ve got to chances to vote! Choose wisely! Anyway sexy readers! This is Mike!

5 fun facts. 1. I love spicy food but get terrible hiccups when I eat it. 2. I was moving from the UK to Hong Kong. At the last minute I changed my mind and went to Moscow, Russia. That was 10 years ago. 3. My birthday is 1st January 4. I started going bald from the age of 18. 5. Wherever I travel I like to hunt for the best burgetake!

Stop staring!!!! Go vote! Now!

Bruce in the City


The Beard contest oils on!!

Posted by Bruce on November 17, 2018
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Hey Brucesters!

I might as well tell you right up front. This weeks sexy bearded fellow is off the market! Sorry ladies and gents! This ones spoken for. His story is so romantic and his courting was brief but he seems to have found the love of his life! This is Tyson!

1. My wife and I got married in homemade T shirts that read, “just married cuz we like to party ”
2. We are 10 yrs married, only know each other for 3 weeks when we eloped
3. I’m a vegan and i love to cook. I have a food IG also
4. Im a sales mgr, but my background is in teaching. Used to moonlight as a DJ
5. Dream job is to be a booking agent and promoter, currently working on starting that up on the side

@Tyson_Bivens   @tyson.bivens


instagram @bruceinthecity

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Badass Beard contest November

Posted by Bruce on November 10, 2018
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Check out this weeks beard competition. It’s all about this handsome chap!

1: I am an US Army Vet. 2: I am a former Mr. Ohio/Pa Bear. 3: I’m an avid camper. 4: I am a Bearded Villian. 5: I love to travel. Vote now! Instagram @bruceinthecity

Bruce in the City


Let November Beard Contest Begin

Posted by Bruce on November 03, 2018
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Im excited to announce that I will be back in January 2019 with all new Sunday articles about my great city Toronto! I’ll be covering exciting people, business and talent from the city and beyond. Before the new year breaks however we’ve got two more exciting months of the Badass B.I.T.C Beard Contest. You know that stands for Bruce in the City right? 😉

Let’s do this!

Here is one sexy beard ladies and gents! This is Loki!

Jeeze thinking of things about yourself is a challenge lol. But here you go

1. Northern Ontario transplant living in BC
2. Was raised in the outdoors, and still spend a lot of the summer camping
3. Single dad of two
4. Can’t turn down a great scotch
5. Will forever bow down to Gord Downie as a musical god!

Thanks Loki! Readers head on over to my official Instagram @bruceinthecity locate this article and this pic and hit the heart! It’s that easy!

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October’s Beard Winner!

Posted by Bruce on November 02, 2018
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It was a wicked October with some of the finest beards in competion. Here at Bruce in the City we love beards and we love beards that are out to make a positive difference in the world. The winner this month is one of those bearded fellows. I’m a fan of the organization he is a part of and the great things their doing in the name of changing the face of the Bearded is incredibly impressive. I’ll speak more about these fine men in a later blog but for now let’s join together and celebrate Abeer. October’s Badass Beard of the month! Stop by the men’s room Toronto on Church street and pick up your $20 gift card. There is something there for every bearded man!


Bruce in the City’s Sunday article will be back in January 2019! With all new reviews and local talent in the spotlight!

Stay tuned!

Yours Truly

Bruce in the City

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Badass BITC Beard Contest Grows on!

Posted by Bruce on October 27, 2018
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Our final beard contestant for October is Joey! Vote for Joey by visiting my official Instagram @bruceinthecity

Here’s a few fun facts about Joey and his beard!

1) Never used beard products until now
2) Always had a beard since the age of 13
3) People love smelling it and licking it
4) Never fully shaved it off , just trimming it. Letting it grow now.
5) Always let my stylist shape up my beard

Bruce in the City

Badass Beard Contest Grows On!

Posted by Bruce on October 20, 2018
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Hey Brucesters

Is you favourite bearded fellow getting the votes they need to be Beard champion this month? Head over to my official Instagram account and hit the heart to on the solo beard pic and bio post! I’ve got a big one for you this week. It’s sure to be the envy of all the boys and the girls. Without further adieu…. This is Brad!

1. 4th generation Texan
2. I’m obsessed with craft beer
3. I’ve only fully shaved my face once in the last 20 years.
4. I’m really into Metal:Hardcore music, but I balance it with old-school rap.
5. I buy and wear a lot of jewelry, some of my favorite brands are Rotten Bones and Sterling Assault.

Now heard on over to @bruceinthecity and vote now for this bearded beast! He’s got my vote!

Bruce in the City!

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